I assume the choice of the word provoke for today’s daily post prompt was specifically chosen to provoke a reaction, whereby those who partake in the challenge of writing daily would rush to their keyboards and compose fascinating and witty pieces of prose such that previous winners of the Nobel prize for Literature would be shamed into handing back their prizes. Let’s hope so.

We live in very strange times where the incidence of knife crime, for that is how it is described is on the increase. I wonder if it is described as knife crime in a vain attempt to allay the fears of certain sections of the populous of a more nervous disposition, who are hoodwinked into thinking it is the theft of a kitchen knife from the local hardware store , rather than a vicious stabbing.

The days when a couple of chaps, who after a minor disagreement would be provoked into a bout of fisticuffs seem long gone, replaced by the more unsavoury aspect of gang culture which results in a death from stabbing, provoked by members of one gang intruding on another’s turf.

Strange how a word can lead you in a certain direction, often I think, from the feel of the word rather than necessarily the meaning, for provoke can be to anger, enrage, or to stir up. Conversely it can arouse or incite, both words one could use to describe the raising of an army, provoking an entire generation to heed the call to defend the nation in times of war.

I’m sure just recently on Mother’s day there were many a child provoked into the purchase of a bunch of flowers from the local petrol station, or a small box of chocolates from the supermarket, by a quiet phone call from their father. “Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, do you need me to text our address, I wasn’t sure if you’d forgotten where we live.” I suppose, it is the thought that counts, even if they needed provoking into that thought.

Men, as we all know are different from women, for it takes considerably more to provoke a man into a visit to the doctors surgery, women go on a regular basis to have their bits and pieces inspected, whereas a man will carry a great pustulous injury for some considerable time. It is not until it becomes the size of a melon that he can be provoked into a visit to the quack.

I was tempted to write something controversial on first seeing the choice of word for today but decided to refrain as I didn’t want to provoke any ill feeling and end up being trollied or whatever they call it on Twitter, it’s bad enough having Trump spouting controversial nonsense without me joining in as well.


About The Diary of a Country Bumpkin

I am a retired actor, although to be honest I only retired because I wasn't getting any work due to losing my agent when I became a full time carer to my mother who had dementia. and the option of becoming an unemployed actor/waiter at my age was ludicrous, especially as my waiting skills are non-existent. Having said I’m retired, I don’t think there really is such a thing as a retired actor for I am still available for work, I just don’t have an agent or any connections with regards to obtaining any worthwhile work. I have over the years done student films when there is nothing else available, always low paid (if at all) the only incentive was always the promised copy of the finished film for your show reel which nine times out of ten always failed to materialise. I spent many years looking after my aged mother and shortly after her death I was lucky enough to run into an ex-girlfriend of many years ago and our romance blossomed once again, resulting in us getting married in 2013. My move to the countryside inspired me to write The Diary of a Country Bumpkin which tells of my continuing dilemmas in dealing with the rigors of the countryside from the unexpectedly large number of pollens, fungal moulds and hay products waiting to attack the unsuspecting townie. I enjoy writing, see my play Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori on The Wireless Theatre Company, The Plays Wot I Wrote and The Battle of Barking Creek both available on and am very fond of classic cars so my ideal occupation would be acting in a film I had written set in the 1930s/40s, we live in hopes. I am delighted to say that since venturing to the countryside where space is not quite the premium it is in town, I have due to the availability of two double garages acquired more classic cars to form a small collection the pride of which are a 1947 Bentley Mk VI and a 2000 Bentley Arnage. My various blogs and websites are continually evolving and I’m sure that by following the appropriate links you will find something which will edify or amuse. I have written a number of different books all available on Amazon, so don't be shy should you feel the urge to purchase.
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1 Response to Provoke.

  1. Ade-Oluwa says:

    That was quite a witty way of talking about serious stuff. Thanks for making me laugh, even though the points you raised were anything but funny. ☺

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