My fence versus Mr Trump’s.

I have been rather busy at the moment which is why this post is a little late and not quite in sync with the weather as described in the post, which at the moment could be described as a glorious sunny day.

However my post today concerns the much more windy weather we were experiencing some days ago when I was looking out of the window to see my neighbours fence swaying about in the gusting wind.

My neighbours fence is considerably newer than mine and has been constructed from what appears to be solid oak the like of which would be most useful should we have a flood of Biblical proportions caused by forty days of continuous rain.
The fence in our garden is somewhat less substantial and over the course of years has been mended on numerous occasions but obviously my handy work was not in vane as our fence was as solid as a rock.

Whilst still on the subject of Biblical analogies I am thinking that next doors fence posts were built on foundations made of sand, or at least built on foundations containing insufficient cement.

Which inevitably brings me on to the subject of Mr Trump and his wall which is fast being downgraded into a fence, I believe the Americans are partial to a white picket fence with roses.

The latest I heard on the news was that he was going to spend 5.7 billion to build his fence, which one has to say is a monumental waste of money as most of the drug and I believe people smuggling is done through the checkpoints.

Now far be it from me to suggest that if he were to invest the 5.7 billion in more police and border checks he could eradicate all the smuggling completely and probably have enough change left over to build a small picket fence along the border, complete with roses for good measure.

As some of you may know I have another blog, and this one, both of which I seem to remember I set up myself much to my own amazement, however I have recently been setting up another site which explains my lack of posts recently.

The site I have set up is which is an affiliate marketing page and took ages to even attempt to get it anywhere right, which is why I am asking for your experiences of setting up a new site recently.

It was set up on a WordPress site so should have been easy but when I set up the “products” page which is just like a blog post the toolbar thing which is at the top of both of my blogs was missing and it wanted to keep putting things in boxes, which to me was exceedingly confusing.

Finally I managed to get it to set up the old fashioned version of WordPress but it was still not what I wanted but at least it was something vaguely right so before I lost the will to live completely I settled for what I had.

Perhaps some of you would be kind enough to assist me as you see this site from the other side, so to speak. To me when I write a new post it goes straight to the top of the blog and you can scroll down to see all the previous posts which show up in full, I assume that’s what you see too.

As you can tell I am not a computer whizz kid at all and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same problems. Should you feel like responding with your thoughts on the matter please don’t include anything too technical I am a Luddite.

Sorry for veering off topic at the end of this post but I suddenly thought I can’t be the only one confused by what seems to be the new version of WordPress.


About The Diary of a Country Bumpkin

I am a retired actor, although to be honest I only retired because I wasn't getting any work and the option of becoming an unemployed actor/waiter at my age was ludicrous, especially as my waiting skills are non-existent. Having said I’m retired, I don’t think there really is such a thing as a retired actor for I am still available for work, I just don’t have an agent or any connections with regards to obtaining any worthwhile work. I have over the years done student films when there is nothing else available, always low paid (if at all) the only incentive was always the promised copy of the finished film for your show reel which nine times out of ten always failed to materialise. I spent many years looking after my aged mother who had dementia, hence the lack of acting work but shortly after her death I was lucky enough to run into an ex-girlfriend of many years ago and our romance blossomed once again, resulting in us getting married in 2013. My move to the countryside inspired me to write The Diary of a Country Bumpkin which tells of my continuing dilemmas in dealing with the rigors of the countryside from the unexpectedly large number of pollens, fungal moulds and hay products waiting to attack the unsuspecting townie. I enjoy writing, see my play Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori on The Wireless Theatre Company, The Plays Wot I Wrote and The Battle of Barking Creek both available on and am very fond of classic cars so my ideal occupation would be acting in a film I had written set in the 1930s/40s, we live in hopes. I am delighted to say that since venturing to the countryside where space is not quite the premium it is in town, I have due to the availability of two double garages acquired more classic cars to form a small collection the pride of which are a 1947 Bentley Mk VI and a 2000 Bentley Arnage. My various blogs and websites are continually evolving and I’m sure that by following the appropriate links you will find something which will edify or amuse.
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17 Responses to My fence versus Mr Trump’s.

  1. Hubby and fences go hand in hand. We have been known to be out in gale force winds propping up fallen panels with rope and rocks until we could get to the DIY centre to arrange delivery of replacements. No joke at 4pm when it’s tipping down with rain.
    However, the fence de la fence (as opposed to creme de la creme) has to be this
    followed by this

    • I’ve been out in the wind and rain saving the fence before it blows down but even though I was not born until after the war I’m a great believer in “make do and mend.” It probably comes from having classic cars where you can’t always get the proper part and have to make something fit.

      • Hubby did that for a customer who couldn’t get a monitor for his computer system. Hubby improvised and converted an old TV set he found in the firm’s attic.

  2. That looks like a very fine fence indeed. However, when it comes to fences, looks can be deceiving. Likewise, WordPress can also be deceiving. It seems to be performing as it should, then you suddenly discover that all your comments, either outgoing, or incoming, are ending up in spam.
    Your posts do, indeed, show as newest at the top, with all others below, that is when viewed in Safari, or Chrome, normal view. If viewed in Reader, then only one post is shown, the latest. With your site there does not seem to be a Next post – Previous post indicator as there is with some, but not all, other sites.

    Hope that helps, but it probably just confuses further.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you, that’s interesting. On my site the previous post title is above the one you are looking at and if you click on it you go to the previous post. If I had a pound for every time I have had to shout at my computer for it not doing what I want I would be a wealthy man!

  3. Paula Light says:

    I view posts through the app and yours look fine. Idk why all the people murdered by fellow Americans aren’t a national emergency, or the annual traffic fatalities. It’ll be fun to watch Trump try to steal the land from peeps in TX for his wall.

  4. Almost Iowa says:

    I once heard a rather interesting lecture on Hadrian’s Wall. For those of you who do not know what that is, think of the Great Wall of China, only smaller and somewhere along what used to be the border between England and Scotland back in the Roman days.

    The thought was that the wall was built to keep the Picts out – but as everyone knows, the Picts were rather agile and extremely good climbers, so then why the wall?

    The guy giving the lecture asked the audience to guess why the wall was built, since it could not keep the Picts where the Roman thought they belonged.

    “Consider this,” he said, “the most valuable thing anyone had back then was cattle and the Picts loved to go on cattle raids and while the Picts could easily jump the wall, it was hard to get a cow to do the same.”

    In other words, the wall was built to keep (Roman) cattle in, instead of Pict cattle raiders out.

  5. Sue W says:

    Morning Joe,
    I sent you an e-mail with a couple of screen shots to show our view.

    Your fence. We have a wooden gate that looks as though it would collapse at any moment. When helping out just after my husband died, a farmhand ridiculed the gate. I told him my husband had built it thirty years ago and it has withstood numerous cattle using it as a scratching post and I expect it to withstand another thirty years. And that now gives me an idea! 🙂

  6. Ade-Oluwa says:

    But sir, you did suggest. So it’s not that far from you.😊

  7. 3rdofthe3rd says:

    Your Fence beats Trump’s wall every day.

  8. Jane Rosebery says:

    It’s a very nice fence. Donald will be jealous.

  9. tolleystopics says:

    I love my President Donald Trump. Good fences make good neighbors. Our little problem in The Great United States is that we worry about getting funds to every country across the oceans before we take care of our own. We are very UNSELFISH like that. But hopefully, we now have a President who will expect other countries to buy their own Pampers. I spent some time in Hoogstraten, Belgium several years ago..It was an absolutely beautiful Belgium friends tell me now that I will never want to visit again due to the muslim infiltration. I guess they should have had some good fences.

    I love your site and you are a wonderful writer….but sorry, My Donald will not be jealous of your very nice fence.

    I miss the Good Old Days.

  10. Everybody misses the good old days, it’s human nature.

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