The Sunday Times initially reported the BBC had discussed dropping several traditional songs as Finnish conductor Dalia Stasevska was “keen to modernise the evening’s repertoire and reduce the patriotic elements”.

I would have thought that the last thing the Last Night of the Proms needed was modernising, surely the whole point of the evening is to fill it with traditional songs that have been sung at the event for years, that’s what it says on the tin!

I was going to comment further on the farce that the BBC are making of the Last Night of the Proms and choosing not to allow the singing of the words to Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia but I have just seen our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson who has commented on behalf of the Nation and I think summed up the situation extremely well.

His comment on not allowing the singing is as follows; “If it is correct… I think it’s time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions and about our culture, and we stop this general bout of self-recrimination and wetness,”

I have to say bravo to you Boris, you have said all that needs to be said and in the meantime we can leave the BBC to organise this years farce, I am expecting no singing and the entry of Mr Brian Rix through the French windows, upstage left uttering the phrase, “anyone for tennis!”

General view of the Royal Albert Hall in London during the Last Night of The Proms.

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  1. …but don’t mention the war!

  2. SueW says:

    I agree, but fortunately, we are back to singing the words next year well we are if there’s an audience.
    Well done Boris! Finally some common sense!
    I love those traditional last night of the proms songs, I haven’t missed a viewing in over forty years.

  3. Ian Hutson says:

    ‘Modernise’ and ‘reduce the patriotic element’? Do “they” seriously, really, actually, genuinely not realise that those are the whole point of the event each year? Are they allowing applause, or shall we be moving to “jazz hands” for that too, just in case anyone is “triggered”?

    I despair, really I do. I never imagined in my most boring dreams that WWIII would look like this!


  4. Unbelievable – What is happening ? Is nothing sacred or to be spared for PCness or other lunacy?

    • Sadly it seems nothing in this day and age is sacred, it’s about time us older folk started making noise like the young ones do, although whatever happens I am not going to take to the streets and hold the traffic up causing loads of pollution like the climate change rebellion people do, I’ve more sense than that. It always seems strangely ironic that you would take action that causes pollution and then complain about pollution but I suppose they are only children and don’t have the worldly experience to see the bigger picture. Perhaps my next comment may not be politically correct; but I hate the little bastards!

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