I believe this Monday considerable numbers of children have returned to school with parents and teachers concerned for the long term mental health of the poor things.

Whilst I can sympathise with the parents of these traumatised children I think it might be useful to put it properly into perspective and the only other comparison I can think of is the ordeal suffered by children during the Blitz in World War Two.

I saw a couple of articles on the subject, the first concerned Joan Sprigg who lied about her age and said she was a couple of months older as she needed to be 16 to join the Air Raid Precautions (ARP).

She was based in a school in Birmingham which was equipped to deal with the casualties from the air raids which sometimes went on for 13 hours, her task was to administer first aid.

She said, “we had a lot of dead who we used to lay out in the playground, there were ever so many dead, it was horrendous, quite horrendous.”

On another occasion 600 people were buried alive when a German 1000 lb bomb dropped at Hallville Junior School in London’s East End.

The school was crowded with people waiting to be evacuated to the safety of the countryside, most of the dead were never recovered and the crater was filled in while the official death toll was given as 77, I imagine it may have been considerably more.

I think the trauma allegedly suffered by today’s pupils who have had to endure a few months off school at home playing on their play stations, compared to the two previous examples of the horrors of war seems to pale into insignificance.

The Blitz | World War II | Britannica


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  1. ‘Traumatised’ to describe today’s kids is definitely the wrong word, but then TPTB don’t understand the meaning of so many words anyway and it’s all done for effect. Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea to send them back in the current state of affairs, but I don’t have any kids so in a way I’m not qualified to comment.

  2. Ade-Oluwa says:

    What is wrong with homeschooling and with online public school overview? Trauma. Ha! We exaggerate a lot in this generation.
    If this is staying home is considered trauma then what on earth can we then use to describe the casualties and tragedies of war, famine and natural disasters?

  3. A much overused phrase, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, will no doubt be attached to many tens of thousands of the poor dears.

  4. Joni says:

    A truthful and interesting perspective. Kids are generally spoiled today, they have no idea what previous generations endured. I sometimes wonder if they even study history in school anymore?

    • The thing that worries me is what on earth are the next generation going to turn out like, I imagine most of them will be brought up to be afraid of their own shadow. There are few good things about getting old, the only one that is a bonus is that with any luck by the time the woke generation get to be in charge, if I’m lucky I will be dead!

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