I happen to have caught the James Corden interview with Prince Harry on The Late Late Show which I must say I have never seen before and having seen the show I now know why I have not bothered to watch it before.

James Corden is I believe the talk of the town and has been very successful with this show which is extremely popular with the Americans and is paid a vast salary for his performance; all I can say is I can’t for the life of me understand why, his interview technique is abysmal and as for the chat with Harry I found it grossly embarrassing.

Starting with them boarding an open topped double decker bus for a ride around Los Angeles which caused Harry to comment that he had never been on an open topped bus before and he thought it a good idea, which made me wonder if he had thought it such a good idea before one wonders why he hadn’t hired one and gone for a ride round London with his friends when he lived here.

During the course of the interview they pretended to have tea and cakes and Harry declared that The Queen had bought a waffle machine for Archie’s birthday and they all now had waffles regularly for breakfast made by his wife Megan who knocks up an organic batter, adding as an afterthought that they were topped with some healthy fruit and Archie’s first word was crocodile.

James Corden feigned laughter and said he couldn’t imagine The Queen purchasing a waffle maker and having it sent to Los Angeles; well James let me assist you.

Imagine if you will The Queen having just finished a zoom conversation with her Grandson Harry where the waffle maker was requested, The Queen now rings a bell to summon a flunkey who then enters the room, not too hard a stretch of the imagination so far, I think.

The Queen then turns to the flunkey and says, “would you be so kind as to purchase one of those waffle making thingamabobs and have it sent to Harry over in Los Angeles,” after which the flunkey replies in the positive and The Queen gets on with more important matters of state, or listens to Woman’s Hour on the wireless.

The rest of the interview was just as inane as the one which followed with a well-known actress whose name escapes me, as the interview was that boring and which must have left professional chat show hosts wondering what all the fuss over Corden is all about.

Obviously, something seems to have got lost in the translation if this is what the American audience think is top notch television and if this is the best Harry can come up with, I would imagine Netflix or whoever else he has lucrative TV deals with will soon be asking for their money back.

I’m sorry but if this is Harry’s idea of service then all I can say is he wasn’t paying attention when he used to have a proper job as a working member of the British Royal Family, I dread the thought of this getting any worse where we find him appearing in tacky commercials for second hand car lots on Sunset Strip.

Debrett’s the British professional coaching company, publisher and authority on etiquette and behaviour which was founded in 1769 has published many books to assist with the correct behaviour for any given situation one might find oneself in and it seems to me only a matter of time before they come out with a book for Harry perhaps entitled; How to leave the Royal Family and continue life with class, dignity and style.

Are James Corden and Prince Harry friends?


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  1. SueW says:

    I didn’t see the Late Show but I did see some of the interview on the news. My thirty year-old son commented what an embarrassment Prince Harry has become. He also wondered why Corden was chosen to interview him, he questioned why Corden appears to be popular in America, he has nothing going for him, no looks, no charisma and no interview technique. Prince Harry might as well have been interviewed by some bloke from the local boozer!

  2. NinaRose says:

    I Think Meghan Markle is in same League as Amber Heard, Patrizia Reggiani, Melania Trump, Hilaria Baldwin, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elaine Chao, Lara Trump,

  3. NinaRose says:

    I Think Prince Harry is in same League as Armie Hammer, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch,

    • As I live in the UK I have very little knowledge of these people but from my perspective I think Harry is naïve whereas the others seem untrustworthy or even crooked. I feel rather sad for him and I have a nasty feeling it will end in tears.

  4. NinaRose says:

    I Think Meghan Markle is just like Celaeno From The Last Unicorn

  5. NinaRose says:

    I Think Prince Harry just as Insane as Marjorie Taylor Greene

  6. NinaRose says:

    I Think Prince Harry is in same League as Armie Hammer, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort,

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