To us British we understand protocol, it’s innate in us, we understand how the firm works, we don’t have to be a member to know that. Obvious things, like who walks out of Church with the Queen and the order in which they walk behind her.

I can only assume that things must have got lost in the translation, take for example; if you leave the firm, you are not entitled to Royal protection and it certainly wasn’t withdrawn because of Archie’s skin colour.

Meghan must have seen corporate executives being sacked in a recession, where they walk out the front door with their things in a cardboard box, they stop being paid and the company car is taken back, it’s the same principal with Royal protection.

The assumption that the Royal family stopped Archie having the title Prince is also wrong, he is not entitled to the title until his grandfather Charles is on the throne and Archie moves up the pecking order, the firm did not stop Archie having the Title of Prince, he wasn’t entitled to it.

Now, the political hot potato, that a senior Royal was concerned about the skin colour of Archie. I may be wrong but I see that as a concerned father talking to his son to make him aware of the possible backlash from social media should Archie have turned out to be very dark.

It is very unlikely that we will ever know the true story as the Royal family have a policy of, “never complain, never explain.” I find the saddest thing to come out of the Oprah interview was the fact that Meghan had done no research about the Royal family prior to plunging into marriage with Harry, surely any decent actress would do some research on the character she is about to play.

It seems she did a very bad audition and then went on to play the part very badly for a very short run, someone should have warned her, it’s not a glamorous lifestyle opening a chip shop in Scunthorpe on a cold November afternoon, perhaps they could have sent her off to do Pantomime where you have to play eight shows a week, including the two matinee’s to give her some idea of what she was up against.

All very sad, but they’ve made their bed and now they have to lay in it.

Daily Mail Writes To CBS Over Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Interview –  Deadline

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  1. Ade-Oluwa says:

    Unless you where behind closed doors with each and every one who is concerned, you can’t really be certain who is at fault.
    You have to understand however, that this whole “situation” is like PTSD for black women.
    We cannot disbelief Meghan because the stated or understated “worry” of how dark the baby might be has either been witness or experienced by most women from the black race.
    Protocol and the British monarchy might be most important for the British.
    But to the black race we feel slapped in the face. Again.
    However, this isn’t colonial times.
    And if some people keep their upper lip stiffer in the name of tradition and protocol, they will have only themselves to blame.
    For the sake of the good and fair people of Britain, I hope the royal advisers have enough foresight to advise the monarchy wisely.
    In hindsight, I find it rather fishy, that most Americans had no idea Meghan had a black mother, until she was about to marry into the British monarchy.
    And I am supposed to believe racism is not an issue here?
    We’ll see.

  2. Personally I would have thought it was obvious that Meghan Markle was mixed race but I suppose that’s because we have a lot of mixed race people here in Great Britain and we are used to it.
    I think that the vast majority of people in this country see no problem with how dark the child may have been but I’m fairly certain that the question of how dark would have come up to make Harry aware of the potential backlash from the small minority of racist people who may have commented on social media and nothing more sinister than that.

    • Ade-Oluwa says:

      I see. Those “minorities” are too noisy for world peace. And I don’t like the way, they have been practically given free rein to run amok. It’s bullying, among other things.

      • I’m sorry, I can’t make sense of your last reply. I am unsure to whom you are referring when you say minorities are too noisy for world peace and how they have been given free rein to run amok. Can you explain who and what you are referring to. Thank you.

      • Ade-Oluwa says:

        I was talking about the small minority of racist you mentioned who may “backlash”

      • Ade-Oluwa says:

        …they sure sound like majority. The Royal family/institution should not have allowed the “potential backlash” to become a media uprising.

  3. We live in a Democracy where we have freedom of speech which gives people the right to express their opinions, even the small minority of racists, as long as they are not views that are against the law, when the appropriate action would be taken to stop them. I wasn’t aware that this matter had become a media uprising, it doesn’t feel like it in Great Britain, I cannot speak for how it appears to the rest of the world.

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