There has been a suggestion to introduce a 20 mph speed limit everywhere except on Motorways although I have no idea who on earth would suggest such a thing.

I believe vast swathes of London now have a 20mph speed limit although whenever I have the misfortune to visit London I find it quite an achievement should I attain the giddy heights of 20 mph.

This ridiculous idea must have been suggested by one of these climate change activists in the misguided idea that it will stop vehicle emissions but on the contrary I suggest it will add to them as one will be travelling in a lower gear and using higher revs.

It has been said that Lord Palmerstone’s 1865 Locomotion Act generally known as the Red Flag Act which required that any self-propelled road vehicle had to be proceeded by a person walking at least 60 yards ahead carrying a red flag, effectively stopped any innovation in powered transport for over a quarter of a century.

The act brought in the first speed limits of 4 mph in the country and 2 mph in town with a £10 fine for speeding, however as motoring innovation progressed these speed limits looked more and more ridiculous until in it was finally repealed on 14th November 1896 where the flag was scrapped and the speed limit raised to 14 mph.

In celebration of this momentous event the Emancipation Run, a car rally from London to Brighton took place, starting with breakfast at the Charing Cross Hotel preceded by the symbolic ripping of a red flag in half by Lord Winchelsea, an event which still takes place today.

Now it seems with this suggestion of a 20 mph speed limit we are trying to put the clock back 156 years which is apparently someone’s idea of progress, how very strange.

Vintage car being driven behind a man carrying a red flag | rugbyoldbloke  blog


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  1. I knew nothing of Palmerstone’s act. Love learning something new.

  2. Peter Flax says:

    I suppose electric cars are exempt as, at 20 mph, batteries don’t get optimum charging…

    The one salient fact, hidden midst all the ‘Greenie’ woke brigade ( usually those without the need to run their business, employ people and pay taxes), is; Batteries have a life of 4 years if you are lucky, Lithium batteries require a mineral called, Lithium, mined using fossil fuels usually in polluted atmospheres. Insufficient energy and flexibility to be a clean process. Ok, so the product is a paradox in the Greenie world. But than comes the real crunch!

    Disposal of the most poisonous, indestructible mineral on the planet! You can’t bury it, it seeps into ground water, you can’t burn it, the emergent gases will kill populations faster than methane from cows in 100 lifetimes, I suppose Elon Musk wants to start interplanetary waste disposal, let’s chuck it into outer space! Problem with that is, the Boomerang effect, space rubbish has a habit of coming back and, if there are other intelligences elsewhere in the solar system, doubt they will consider sending toxic material to their universe very friendly!

    It’s a shame the media are so beholden and allegiant to the left wing and Green brigade that, news and facts are ignored in favor of licking the hands that feed them.

    • It’s only going to be a few years before we get people claiming for compensation. ‘Were you miss sold an electric car?’ I’m just waiting for the development of synthetic petrol which is underway at the moment for F1 cars and then we can go back to using sensible ICE cars!!

      • Peter Flax says:

        Actually Joe, there are two patents that expire before 2025, one is for a water based hydrogen engine, Detroit bought, I think in 1975, the other is a gasoline water mix, that expands the gas milage but expels mostly water vapor as opposed to Monoxide. I think this electric car push is to try and get ahead of the innovations now in production. As you probably know, clean hydrogen combustion engines have been around for decades but the major manufacturers contrived to keep them from production. Henry Ford actually killed the steam engine that was gaining favor from agricultural use in Tractors at the time. Great torque but poor acceleration.

        Funny how the automotive industry has shot itself in the foot!

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