I have no idea how many more episodes of the H & M show there are, nor how much longer they intend to carry on with this nonsense but I have to admit I have had enough and I haven’t even watched any of it.

Apparently, he was terrified when his brother shouted at him, this from a man who spent ten years in the Army and the grace and favour house they were given to live in was too small, both I would have thought were fairly petty things to deal with especially compared to the problems of a considerable number of people in this country at the moment who are more concerned with freezing to death.

These two within the Royal Family could have been the fairy-tale ending, after all she was an actress and one would have thought the role of Princess wouldn’t have been too taxing for her acting abilities, but instead they have done nothing but whinge and slag off their family, they are an ungrateful pair and most unlikeable, I have to say I am sad to admit it but we are far better off without them.

Perhaps their bullshit will appeal more to an American audience who are used to this sort of rubbish although I have my doubts.


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  1. I’m sure that calling The King a liar (although he didn’t actually use that word, he said “and have my father say things that were simply not true.”) is worthy of an “Off with his head!”

  2. I am English and have been here for 34 years. I haven’t heard any Americans even talking about it.
    I never acknowledge them.

  3. I hope they’re doing a promotional trip to Paris soon, those tunnels are renowned for crashes.

  4. Peter Flax says:

    In the USA where I reside, they are mostly considered, implausible brats, spoiled and egocentric, who really have achieved nothing of note, TO BENEFIT THE LESS FORTUNATE!

    The wonderful altruistic Princess Diana must be crying looking down on her misanthrope son and his unpleasant over privileged wife, Megan the nobody Merkle, and the travesty of a harlot, marriage breaker and disgusting hag, Camilla Parker Bowles with the artificial title of Consort, Queen Courtesan would have been more appropriate, or, Charles favorite Tampex!
    How short is the public memory! The late Queen Elizabeth 11, a shining example of how Royalty should behave, must have been so pressured to give that excuse for a drunk, nicotine stained, selfish old bag, an honorary title, may she never have a moments joy hereon.

    • So, you’re not that keen on Camilla which is a bit of a shame. The story would have been completely different had they let him marry her in the first place, I don’t know I have heard anything about excessive drinking and she has given up smoking, so it’s not all bad. I quite like her and she makes Charles happy, so the incurable romantic in me enjoys the fairy-tale ending.
      However, I too am not keen on the other two which is also a shame as that too could have had a much better ending, no BAFTA for her performance as a Princess.

  5. SueW says:

    Very well said, Joe.

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