Analysis box by Theo Leggett, business correspondent

The founders of Britishvolt were trying to create a £4bn facility, from scratch, without the backing of a major manufacturer.

What they did have was a vision which they hoped could surf a wave of political support – and attract the necessary funding.

They looked first for a location in Wales, before settling on Cambois, in the Blyth Valley.

The site, formerly a power station, was good. It had a deep water port, good transport links and access to plentiful power. It also happened to be in a “red wall” constituency captured by the Conservatives in 2019.

But political support wasn’t enough. Delays to construction meant £100m of public funding never materialised. With costs rising and no firm orders, the money ran out.

The question is, what happens next? Speak to pretty much anyone in the motor industry, and they’ll tell you that without gigafactories, the long-term future for UK manufacturing looks bleak.

So the plant itself could still become a reality. But for that to happen significant investment will be needed.

And any potential buyer will know that their chances of success will be much greater if they can get an established manufacturer on board.


Another complete cock up by British industry, why oh why are we so useless when we try to manufacture anything in this country it just doesn’t make sense when we have such a proud tradition of manufacturing, after all it was us who invented the Industrial Revolution.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his compatriots must be turning in their graves.


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  1. The government should have released the public funding early to allow the project to go ahead. Now we will, no doubt, end up purchasing batteries and battery making technologies from other countries, at a vastly increased cost, and will give away numerous concessions to ensure that we are covered in future. How very sad, and what complete nincompoops we are!

    • They had to comply with certain conditions before the Government would release the money, in the meantime Nissan have announced they are building a massive battery factory next to their Sunderland plant in partnership with Envision AESC which is sadly a Chinese company! Oh dear!

      • One rule for BRITISHVOLT, another for Crossrail!

      • I have to wonder what on earth makes anyone think becoming an MP is a fun way of earning a living. If you think back it’s similar to the 70’s when we pumped millions into the car industry which was a great idea to keep it going but what it really needed was a change of work practices and even more money. It worked with the foreign take over of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, they have gone from strength to strength.

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