The Diary of a Country Bumpkin was the every day story of my move to the country with a new girlfriend and the responsibility of having children thrust upon me.

Some time has now passed and not only have I got married but I have come to terms with living in the countryside and have to admit I would rather stick a fork in my eye than return to the town.

Things change, as has my blog which now covers a multitude of different topics, mostly written slightly tongue in cheek but sometimes, when the occasion demands in a serious vein.

For those who may be interested I have written a book of plays and a radio play and at the moment am concentrating on publishing a selection of illustrated children’s books I have written which are available on Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com or follow the link to my authors page. www.wellscover.com 

9 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Bryan Fagan says:

    Really happy to hear about your plays.

  3. angloswiss says:

    Thanks for the follow. I just saw that you are also originally a Londoner like myself. I grew up in Bethnal Green where I spent the first 20 years before moving onto to see the world in Switzerland, where I am now stuck since 50 years with Mr. Swiss, so originally a cockney and I can still speak it 🙂 And I agree, life in the country is so much better.

  4. Herman says:

    Hi there. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

  5. Timothy Price says:

    I glanced at your children’s books on Amazon. The covers are reminiscent of “Tintin”. The books look rather inviting.

  6. Hello Joe,
    I have been trying to get hold of you about your play “The Battle of Barking Creek”. Is it possible you could drop me a message, if you see this, so that I can bend your ear. nick.black@hotmail.co.uk

  7. Daedalus Lex says:

    With you bio, you MUST see “Withnail and I” if you haven’t seen it yet — rollicking tale of a struggling London actor gone country bumpkin 🙂

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