A race row has erupted by Channel 5 casting a black actress, Jodie Turner-Smith in their new period drama about Anne Boleyn with white folk complaining that it is completely wrong to cast a black actress for a character who was white.

The argument being that there would be an outcry if you were to cast, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King as a white person which seems to make sense.

I think they have a very reasonable case, however there is far worst news to come, for some bright spark has come up with the suggestion to replace willow, the traditional wood for cricket bats with bamboo.

No wonder it has caused outrage amongst the world and especially the traditional British cricket community, even though the new bats will be saving the Universe apparently by being more sustainable and all the usual arguments that the greens come up with for ruining everyone’s fun, I find it hard to imagine a few cricket bats making a major saving towards global warming.

This just won’t do, how can we sit around the village green in our deckchairs watching the Sunday match without hearing the traditional crack as the bat makes contact with the ball, “the sound of leather on willow.” No Sir, this will not do, “the sound of leather on bamboo,” is anathema to any right minded cricket spectator.

I did warn in the title of this post that, “there is worse to come,” but let’s hope the idea comes to naught before there is rioting in the streets.

Men Watching Cricket Game

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Apparently there has been some research which recently said that listening to heavy metal music made you fat and I believe they said if you want to remain slim you should listen to classical music.

It seems the heavy metal music stimulates the body to produce a chemical reaction which makes you rush off after the concert to ram a double cheese burger whopper with large fries and a bucket full of full strength Coca-Cola down one’s gob.

In my youth I used to go to many loud music concerts of what would have been termed heavy metal and I must say I have no recollection of having the desire to rush off to McDonalds afterwards, although in fairness in those days I used to smoke 80 Marlboro a day which had a dulling effect on one’s appetite and we didn’t have fast food outlets open late at night as we do now.

For some strange reason this phenomenon only seems to apply to the audience as a large percentage of the bands who play this type of music are mostly stick thin, take for example the Rolling Stones who I imagine must rush off stage as soon as the concert is finished and straight into the green room to listen to a selection of classical music and eat salad.

The Rolling Stones - Wikipedia

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I have just come across a petition to stop the building of a new Royal Yacht which is said to be costing 200 million and to be named after Prince Philip, I am delighted to report that so far the petition has received a paltry 35,000 signatures.

Personally I think building a new ship is a rather splendid idea and if the vessel proves to be as useful as the previous Royal Yacht Britannia will be money well spent.

Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia was in service form 1954 until 1997 and during those 43 years she sailed more than a million nautical miles and was designed to be converted into a hospital ship in times of war and to transport the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh to safety off the north west coast of Scotland in the event on a nuclear war.

During her time as the Royal Yacht, Britannia transported the Queen and other members of the Royal Family and dignitaries on 696 foreign trips, steaming 1,087,623 nautical miles and helping to earn millions by promoting British industry abroad and is still earning money as a visitor attraction moored in the Port of Leith, Edinburgh.

I feel that should the new yacht be commissioned and be as successful as the previous one, even at 200 million it would be money well spent, I look forward to seeing her.

HMY Britannia - Wikipedia
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Today is VE Day, Victory in Europe Day, when on Tuesday 8th May 1945 the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Germany bringing an end to the Second World War in Europe causing massive celebrations all over Great Britain and around the world.

It took a few more months before the Japanese surrendered in August 1945 before the war was completely over but today social media is awash with comments about VE Day and quite rightly so.

I wonder though how many young people are marking the day, for I have come across many teenagers and 20 year olds who have no idea what VE Day is and while I can perhaps understand them not knowing, I am frequently surprised to find 30 and 40 year olds who I would have thought were closer to someone who would have fought and would know.

Those of us who are older, myself having just turned 70 last week and had a Grandfather who fought in the First World War and a father who fought in the Second World War are all to aware of VE Day and what it must have meant to those who were alive at the time.

When older people talk of “the War,” we all know what they are referring to but as time passes it seems fewer and fewer people are aware of the events that enabled them to be free today, which seems rather sad to me.

The same situation seems to be happening in the classic car world with the young showing little interest in potentially taking on the ownership of our old cars when we finally pop our clogs.

It seems to be a sad reflection on the youth of today that they are more concerned with smashing and taking down statues which tell the story of the history of the country or abolishing cars with an internal combustion engine rather than preserving them for future generations.

I wonder whether future generations will have actually achieved anything that is worth preserving or celebrating, I have to say I have my doubts.

Peter Willis - Mirror Online

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Labour has taken a severe thrashing in the latest local elections with the Conservatives sweeping the board and taking Hartlepool, Redditch and Nuneaton and Bedworth in the Midlands and Northumberland together with Harlow in Essex.

There was some suggestion that their election battle cry, “vote Labour and have your breakfast in bed,” had not helped matters.

Diane Abbott, MP and Socialist member of the Labour party, frequently lambasted for some of her comments which suggest she may not be the full shilling, said it was not possible to blame Jeremy Corbin for the results.

Well, if it’s not Diane Abbots fault, nor Jeremy Corbin one has to look elsewhere and find another who is responsible for the crumbling of the Red Wall.

One doesn’t like to be unnecessarily beastly but perhaps the problem my lay at the door of Sir Kier Starmer, Captain Hindsight as he is otherwise known, who is always droning on about how we should have dealt with the Covid pandemic.

It may come as a surprise to Sir Kier that we can all be wise after the event, however I imagine most of us could do it with a little more character, sadly this man has the charisma of a rather dull roll of wallpaper, which may go some considerable way to explain Labour’s recent crashing defeat.

Tories attack Keir Starmer's John Lewis photo op dig amid Downing Street  flat refurbishment row | Evening Standard
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My this is going to be a very quick post and a very short one mostly as I’m lost for words as to what to say.

Mr Trump has been very busy in his bedroom, gone are the PlayStation and other silly childish games and in their place has emerged a website which appears to have been completed with the aid of a schoolboy friend with learning difficulties.

Spouting the same old rubbish as when he last disappeared from social media about the election being stolen, blah blah blah and other posts about American politicians which I, as a British person have no idea who they are nor what they stand for.

The website also contains a shop which sells tacky Trump memorabilia presumably with a view to raise funds for his comeback tour and his latest book, ” Trump the wilderness years.”

Mr Trump is not the only one who can play this tacky merchandising game as I too have a site selling T shirts and the like although mine are slightly more amusing and not at all tacky and are not to fund a comeback tour as I never made the big time in the first place.

I shall include the website address of both Mr Trump and my own which will give you the option to purchase from either of us.



Donald Trump: Has the former president found a way around his social media  ban? | US News | Sky News
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France yet again seems to be getting ideas above its station by threatening to cut the electricity to Jersey which is supplied by a cable under the sea from France.

You could understand this action being taken if Jersey had not put a shilling in the meter or failed to pay the bill but as far as I know they are up to date with their payments.

I don’t like having to take this jingoistic attitude but in all fairness the French are asking for it, just because our friendship with the EU has taken a turn for the worst and they are going to have less access to our fishing waters, it seems like the actions of a bad loser if you ask me.

It seems to me it is just a repeat of their actions in World War Two when the German blitzkrieg came storming into France fuelled by soldiers who were high on vast quantities of methamphetamines.

The French apparently had more troops and better tanks than the Germans and yet the Germans still overran them because the French had no communications radio.

The Germans would therefore poke their noses out of a wood with their inferior Panzerkampfwagen series of tanks better known as Panzer tanks and then scurry back into the woods only to be followed by the French in their far superior tanks only to be met by a barrage of massive German anti tank guns.

The French, lacking in decent radio contact were unable to stop the carnage until it was too late leaving them unable to stop the Germans occupation of their country and once again we have a lot of angry sullen Frenchmen blaming someone else for their own incompetence.

Had the French and their cronies in the EU been less beastly to us we wouldn’t have left and they wouldn’t be in the situation where they are threatening to turn the lights off in Jersey over the petty loss of a few fish suppers.

Why did heavy tanks built by the French have bad armor? - Quora
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It seems Bill and Melinda Gates are to divorce after 27 years together, the couple stated that they can no longer grow together as a couple which is all rather sad.

The billionaire couple have three children and jointly run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and are currently worth an estimated $124 Billion.

Apparently this break up is all very amicable at the moment but we all know how these things can go wrong once the lawyers become involved and before long the entire wealth of the couple has been frittered away in bitter legal arguments.

I would imagine this would not be the case as thay are currently worth $124 Billion but they do have two dogs called Oreo and Nilla so as long as one of them keeps both dogs or they can agree amicably to have one each then all should be well.

I wish them, their three children and their dogs well and offer the following advice; try and sort it out amicably amongst yourselves and don’t let the lawyers start any petty arguments over the dogs!

My Third AMA | Bill Gates

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I try to watch the “Stories of the day” segment on Jeremy Vine on television in the morning to help get some ideas for my post of the day although quite a few of the stories are not suitable.

Some of the stories I chose not to write about recently were, aquariums are a sign of a mid life crisis, although I’ve always thought buying an expensive sports car you can barely get into to or a powerful motorcycle when the fastest thing you have mastered before is a bicycle.

Another story was, ostrich eggs help to keep you young, not you might think by eating them with a fine full English breakfast but by smearing the yolk on your face, personally I think I will just try to grow old gracefully, after all no-one wants to look stupid or as if they have egg on their face as the saying goes.

I’m saving the recent Manchester United debacle for a later date, however the item this morning about Covid vaccines did catch my attention.

There was a virologist called Dr Chris Smith who was putting forward the case for vaccinations for young children which seemed to make perfect sense to me, however a young lady on the panel took the alternative view that it wasn’t necessary for the young to be vaccinated as they were less likely to catch Covid.

The professional virologist persisted and repeated his point that the young could catch Covid and pass it on to older more venerable members of society which was the main reason to vaccinate the young but was having no luck persuading the 22 year old Dominic Samuels who is apparently a Politics student at the University of York and a spokesperson for Turning Point UK and someone who I imagine is not an expert on virology.

The young Ms Samuels continued with her argument and seemed to imply that she herself would not be having the vaccine which not only seemed a little foolish but left me wondering why so many young people are willing to argue a point about almost anything even when they know absolutely nothing about the subject.

There is not a day goes by nowadays without me thinking, what a very strange world we live in.

Turning Point on Conservative image within universities - BBC News

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When I was younger we used to call a band, a group although I am old enough to remember when a band or group might have been introduced on the wireless or black and white television as a popular beat combo.

We used to have men dressed in dinner jackets just to read the news on the wireless with correct received pronunciation accents unlike the modern version where all the youngish presenters on television and on the advertisement are all speaking with the awful multicultural London accent.

Us older folk are still writing in long hand on Facebook while the younger generation are posting videos of people falling down stairs and other mishaps with people damaging themselves which it seems is funny and amusing to them.

I was reminded of the difference between the generations when I came across the popular beat combo The Blossoms who are apparently an indie band and who all have shoulder length hair which I thought was rather odd.

When I was young I too had shoulder length hair which I wore as I was making a statement that I didn’t want to have a short back and sides like my grandfather.

How strange that we now find the youth of today wearing shoulder length hair exactly like that of their grandfathers whilst I have become older and am sporting a short back and sides just like that of my grandfathers, my how times change.

Although I feel it is a little lacking in imagination to be wearing the hairstyle of your grandfathers I have to say it is a great improvement on the comb over which became fashionable with the youth some few years ago.

The Blossoms will play Exeter on tour - Devon Live
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