Lewis Hamilton takes 100th win in Russian Grand Prix as Lando Norris spins  in rain - BBC Sport
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There is no shortage of fuel nor I imagine drivers who deliver fuel.

Ask yourself was there fuel last week and the week before and the months before that?

Then ask your self what is the cause of the shortage and I think you may find the photograph I have included may help you to answer the question.


May be an image of car and outdoors

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The following is a transcript of my online conversation with Ebay customer support which lasted for virtually 50 minutes and still the problem was not resolved.

I listed an item as collection only and yet the buyer is unable to pay as Ebay says I should post the item to him, now I may have made a mistake in my listing but as I sold another item which has gone through with no problem I assume my listing should have been alright.

Assuming I had made a mistake how long should it take for an Ebay customer support assistant to adjust my listing details so the payment can go through, I would have thought a few minutes at the most but this is yet another example of dealing with these foreign call centres where it takes forever and still is not resolved at the end.

Should you have all the time in the world and actually read the transcript to the end I was actually cut off as I was still trying to communicate but the massage was blocked, I have no idea how this can be cost effective for a business, I imagine they pay these people peanuts to do the job but as we all know, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, rather than highly trained individuals who can actually solve the problem for you.

Escalation from eBay Helpbot2021 – 09 – 2111:56:46 UTC Kashif

Hi I see that you have been transferred to me. My name is Kashif. I’ll be looking after you today.

11:57:22 UTC 7394joe

I sold an item as collection only but the buyer can not pay by paypal as it wants me to post the item. I need to change this so the buyer can pay by paypal.

11:57:45 UTC Kashif

Hi Joseph hope you are doing well.

11:57:47 UTC Kashif

I certainly understand your situation and I’m eager to sort things out for you.

11:57:58 UTC Kashif

Could you please help me with the item number you are referring to?

11:58:55 UTC 7394joe


11:59:06 UTC Kashif

Thank you for confirming. Do not worry, I will surely help you with this. Please give me 2-3 minutes to check it.

12:04:09 UTC Kashif

It is taking longer than I had anticipated to pull up the requested information, I will need an additional few minutes.

12:04:23 UTC 7394joe


12:07:27 UTC Kashif

Thank you for waiting patiently.

12:07:28 UTC Kashif

Joseph I have gone through your concern and the best I would suggest you here is that you send an invoice to the buyer and ask them to pay for the item.

12:08:21 UTC Kashif

You can find the option to send the invoice from the sold section of your ebay account.

12:09:33 UTC 7394joe

It will not let me send an invoice either as it wants me to post it, which is obviously not able to do as the item is a very large lawnmower which I listed as collection only. I have no idea why it keeps wanting me to post it.

12:12:09 UTC Kashif

So you want that the item is collected in person and the payment is done via paypal. Right?

12:12:31 UTC 7394joe

Yes please.

12:21:42 UTC Riddhaya

Hello joseph. Thank you for contacting eBay Managed Payments my name is Riddhaya, and I am happy to help you today. For the safety and security of your account please do not provide any personal/sensitive information.

12:21:45 UTC Riddhaya

I hope you are safe and doing well.

12:21:52 UTC Riddhaya

I see you opened this account 16years ago, thank you for your loyalty.

12:23:30 UTC 7394joe

All I want is to get paid by paypal for the lawnmower I sold which I listed as collection only but ebay is stopping it and asking for me to post the item.

12:24:04 UTC Riddhaya

Okay, I understand your concern but unfortunately I have bad news for you!

12:24:35 UTC Riddhaya

PayPal and eBay have parted ways so I would not be able to help you regarding anything to do with PayPal. But the good news is , we are now managing your payments.

12:25:10 UTC Riddhaya

All you have to do is set up a place where we can pay you, you can add your bank account with us to get the funds directly in your bank account or you can add payoneer account with us.

12:25:18 UTC Riddhaya

Payoneer is somehow like PayPal but better.

12:25:33 UTC Riddhaya

I request you to please try it if you are not comfortable with adding the bank.

12:26:02 UTC 7394joe

How do I get paid then, I am concerned about safety and prefer transfers rather than cash?

12:26:26 UTC Riddhaya

Please add your bank account with us, we would be seing you the payouts to your bank directly.

12:27:43 UTC 7394joe

Where do I go to add my bank details, I haven’t noticed where to do that?

12:28:29 UTC Riddhaya

To update your checking account details in My eBay: Go to Payments in your My eBay. Select Edit under your bank account labeled Used for payouts. Make your changes and select Update bank account.

12:28:43 UTC Riddhaya

I request you to please follow the steps in order to add your bank account.

12:30:18 UTC 7394joe

I thought my bank account details were there already as I buy through that account, is there a different place for selling?

12:33:03 UTC 7394joe

Are you still there?

12:33:20 UTC Riddhaya

Yes I am right here.

12:34:01 UTC Riddhaya

Yes please, I request you to add the account in order to get paid.

12:35:20 UTC 7394joe

Surely my bank account details are already there as I buy with that account, is there a different place to put my bank details to get paid?

12:36:25 UTC Riddhaya

Okay, allow me 2 minutes to check

12:38:37 UTC Riddhaya

I have good news for you!

12:38:45 UTC Riddhaya

Your bank is connected and active.

12:39:03 UTC Riddhaya

I request you to please go to My eBay > Selling and confirm if you see any error,

12:39:23 UTC 7394joe

Then how do I get the buyer to pay?

12:40:12 UTC Riddhaya

Please confirm if you have any error.

12:43:42 UTC Riddhaya

I do not mean to rush but are you still there?

12:44:00 UTC Riddhaya

Since you are not replying to this conversation, unfortunately I will have to disconnect this chat.

12:44:02 UTC Riddhaya

Thank you joseph for contacting eBay chat support. Hope you have a great day ahead!

12:44:03 UTC

Chat ended by Riddhaya


10 ecommerce alternatives to eBay | JivoChat
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I went to the Goodwood Revival Motor Racing Meeting this weekend with my wife and we both had different outfits for the five days we were there, unfortunately we were so engrossed in meeting friends, shopping for vintage clothing and generally enjoying ourselves that we forgot to take any photographs.

The best I can do is this one which my wife, who is a shy and retiring person and is very reluctant to have her photograph taken obliged by being on the other side of the camera for this shot of myself at the the Old Railway Station Hotel in Petworth where we always stay.

It is safe to say a good time was had by all and we are looking forward to doing it all again next year!

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Recently climate activist group Insulate Britain an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion blocked five strategic junctions of the M25 causing delays of up to four hours.

The amount of CO2 produced by stopping the traffic must be enormous and I am forced to wonder how these protesters think they are going to attract support for their cause by this sort of action, as I imagine the reaction from most sensible people would be one of rage.

Obstruction of a British road without lawful authority or excuse is an offence under section 137 of the Highways Act 1980, with a punishment of a fine and up to six months in prison and yet at junction 14 of the M25, it took four hours to arrest the activists and reopen the road at one of the busiest stretches of motorway in the UK. 

The failure of police to immediately arrest the protesters leaves me lost for words with police officers protecting the law-breaking activists while dragging away an irate driver who attempted to take the law into his own hands. 

What makes matters worse is the remarkably small number of protesters, with only 60 being arrested who it appears in most cases were vastly outnumbered by the police who seemed to be doing nothing but standing there looking at them.

If this is the fastest the police can react I hope I never find myself caught up in a vicious knife attack hoping they might intervene as standing there watching does no good in either of these cases.

Police stand next to the Insulate Britain protesters at junction 20 of the M25 at Kings Langley in Hertfordshire this morning rather than immediately arrest them
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Twenty years on and nothing has changed, these people are evil bastards as are any others that perpetrate this sort of crime in the future.

As the twin towers burned on September 11, hundreds of people became  trapped in narrow stairwells - ABC News
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In yet another woke story we now have the latest which concerns the renaming of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust after it announced it was renaming itself The Churchill Fellowship and was removing images of the former prime minister from its website.

The charity, which awards grants for Britons to pursue social and community causes denied that it was seeking to disown his legacy although that’s what it looks like to me and I’m sure a lot of other people.

The Trust said many of his views on race were widely seen as unacceptable today and added that they shared this view of Sir Winston who was Conservative prime minister from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955 and was honoured with a state funeral when he died in 1965.

While he has been celebrated for his wartime leadership he has also been accused of racism over his support for the British Empire and his attitude towards people from India and other races although his views were nothing out of the unusual during his lifetime.

The Prime Minister, a long-time Churchill admirer has appealed to the organisation to rethink the move and believes that Winston Churchill was a hero who helped save this country and the whole of Europe from a fascist and a racist tyranny by leading the defeat of Nazism adding, it is completely absurd, misguided and wrong to airbrush his giant achievements and service to this country, the trust should think again.

The move saw the removal of a lengthy tribute and biography of Sir Winston from the website as well as pictures of the former premier when it was announced that its name was being simplified because the original title was confusing to people and did not explain what they do.

Now call me a sceptical old bugger if you like but I’m not seeing the change from The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to The Churchill Fellowship has greatly assisted in explaining what they do, perhaps they have an ulterior motive for the name change.

I’m wondering what effect this will have on school teachers for if these woke ideas continue, I especially have to feel sorry for the school history teachers who will have nothing left to teach and will be out of a job.

10 interesting facts about Sir Winston Churchill you may not know | Metro  News

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Surprise, surprise the Taliban have unveiled a caretaker government in Afghanistan, with their members dominating key positions, who’d have guessed!

It will be led by Mullah Hasan Akhund, who has been named the acting prime minister and you’ll never guess, he is close to the Taliban’s supreme leader Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada.

Mullah Mohammed Yaqoob has been appointed as acting defence minister and well I never, he is a son of Taliban’s first supreme leader Mullah Omar.

Sirajuddin Haqqani has been named acting interior minister and you thought it couldn’t get any worse, this chap is the leader of the Haqqani Network, which the United States designates as a terrorist organization and he is also on a UN sanctions list and on a wanted list of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation with a price tag of 10 million dollars.

The Taliban’s spokesman for bullshit have said they will form an inclusive government made up of representatives of various groups but the line-up does not include any women and seems to be mainly made up of the old hard line Taliban.

The Ministry for vice and virtue have said they intend to bring in the old vice and virtue laws which are apparently laws which give them the right to beat the living daylights out of anyone they choose in the street, imprison them, stone them to death and generally be pretty beastly all round.

Many people have been trying to flee the country since the Taliban gained control of most of Afghanistan last month, I think that must be the understatement of the day, I wish them luck.

Afghanistan: Taliban announce caretaker government, including FBI-wanted  militant as minister | World News | Sky News
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It wasn’t that long ago that Brexit was being blamed for the shortage of lorry drivers and the lack of goods on the supermarket shelves but as they say, a week is a long time in Politics and also it seems in the road haulage business.

Britain is currently facing a shortfall of 100,000 HGV drivers, which retail bosses have partly blamed on changes to migration rules post-Brexit and EU employees returning home, however as with all these things there is more to this story.

Mainland Europe is experiencing an estimated 400,000 lorry driver shortage with Germany missing between 45,000 and 60,000 HGV drivers last year whilst France has faced a shortage of around 43,000 lorry drivers since 2019 and the shortfall in Italy in 2019 was estimated to be around 15,000.

Port closures in China during the pandemic have sparked a supply chain crisis with suggestions that there will be shortages at Christmas time leaving some children disappointed and parents brawling in the toy shops.

Unfortunately we only have ourselves to blame for this situation, for we all sit at home and order everything from Amazon which means vast numbers of HGV drivers are fully employed delivering all the goods to and from the Amazon warehouses, which may be a good thing for the environment as huge numbers of us are not using our cars to go to the shops leaving just one man with a van to deliver to all of us.

The slight flaw in this plan is that virtually everything we buy nowadays comes from China which is the highest polluting country in the world and one which gives poor Greta Thunberg sleepless nights.

The only solution is for us to go to the shops on our bicycles and purchase British made washing machines and wide screen televisions and other goods not made in China thereby freeing up many HGV drivers and eliminating the shortfall.

I suspect the eagle eyed of my readers may have already spotted the weak link in this plan in that absolutely everything is made in China and having just purchased a new fridge freezer which is the size of Yorkshire, I’m having trouble working out the logistics of balancing it on the crossbar of my bicycle and finding a cycle lane wide enough to accommodate it.

Barmy cyclist spotted with fridge freezer on back of bike - picture -  Mirror Online

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The following is part of an article I found from the Institute for Fiscal Studies which as you can see has figures for how much tax we motorists are paying which amounts to £40 billion a year, none of which is coming from the drivers of electric cars.

Taxes on motoring raise around £40 billion a year for the exchequer (around 5% of government revenue), equivalent to about £750 per adult in the UK. Most of this comes from fuel duties, which in 2019–20 are expected to raise £28 billion in their own right plus an additional £5.7 billion from the VAT payable on the duties. Another £6.5 billion comes from vehicle excise duty (VED) and £0.2 billion from the London congestion charge.

Once the production of petrol and diesel cars is halted one assumes eventually the vast majority of people will be left with no option but to drive an electric car which certainly at the moment are vastly overpriced compared to a petrol of diesel alternative, although in their favour the cost is offset by not having to pay petrol or road tax.

This situation will not last, electric cars are considerably heavier and one assumes must do more damage to the roads added to which no Government can afford to lose £40 billion pounds every year in lost taxes.

I’m not sure my calculator on my phone has enough noughts to do the arithmetic but I asked Google to do the maths for me and it appears £40 billion divided by the 32.7 million drivers in the UK means each one should on average pay £1223, do forgive me if the maths is flawed.

Obviously those of us who drive petrol and diesel are already paying our way with fuel duty currently levied at a flat rate of 57.95p per litre for both petrol and diesel, while VAT at 20% is then charged on both the product price and the duty, together with the Road Fund Licence which at the highest rate is a whopping £2245.

These people who drive electric cars should be ashamed of themselves for letting the side down so badly and I suggest perhaps they would like to make a voluntary donation to make up for their tardiness, initially I suggest £1223 each then more as it keeps track of inflation.

I don’t know what others feel about my suggestion but I would be interested to hear your views.

Tesla Model 3 tops UK new car registrations for April | Auto Express

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