I have just been admonished by Facebook and I must say it came as quite a surprise as I had thought my comment had been a fairly innocent if perhaps a little flippant but certainly not worthy of a full blown drumming down but algorithms are peculiar things.

My mistake happened when I had just finished a post on yet another protester being let off for what certainly seemed to me like a criminal act which left me wondering what on earth was happening with the modern world and the feeling that big brother is definitely watching me.

Someone had posted a photograph of an absolutely enormous black dog and was asking the question, what would you call him? Now, I have the feeling they were not asking the question to get serious answers as indeed the answer before mine was tiddles which I thought was moderately amusing and in keeping with the sort of comment requested, so rather foolishly as it turned out I posted the following with the n word in full.

N****r if I was after being controversial but as I don’t want to upset any of the modern children reading this I would call the dog Woke.

I was suddenly bombarded with the following which rather took me aback and I’m rather hoping I will not get myself in hot water again by repeating the post, although this time I have removed most of the offending letters from the word which I imagine caused the problem, of course in this day and age it might be the word woke, who knows?

Obviously algorithms can read the n word but are unable to read the rest of the sentence where I stated I would not call the dog that name as it may be considered too controversial in this day and age.

I was given the option to appeal which I did but was not offered the option to explain why, which sadly means one can not use the n word on Facebook in any concept at all, I wonder how many other words in the English language they have banned?

Free Photo | Big black dog outside in park

Your comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech

No one else can see your comment.

We have these standards because we want discussions on Facebook to be respectful.

Repeatedly violating our Community Standards can cause further account restrictions.

If you think that we’ve made a mistake, you can disagree with the decision.

N****r if I was after being controversial but as I don’t want to upset any of the modern children reading this I would call the dog Woke.

Our standards on hate speech

We define hate speech as language that attacks people based on their:

  • • Race, ethnicity, national origin or caste
  • • Religious affiliation
  • • Sexual orientation
  • • Sex, gender or gender identity
  • • Serious disabilities or diseases

This includes claims about coronavirus (COVID-19).

We sometimes allow things that we’d otherwise consider hate speech: for example when someone shares someone else’s hate speech to raise awareness about it or uses a word in reference to themselves.

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A court has heard an elderly Anglican priest and two other Christian environmentalists went too far when they stopped a commuter train during a climate change protest.

I must have missed this story, what with all the fuss about Djokovic but I certainly remember the event which happened at east London’s Shadwell Station in October 17, 2019 and involved 79-year-old Sue Parfitt, from Bristol and 54-year-old Martin Newell, from Birmingham who used a ladder to climb on top of the train’s roof while 85-year-old Philip Kingston, from Patchway in South Gloucestershire superglued himself to the carriage.

A specialist team of officers had to carefully remove Kingston from the train, although myself I would have waved the train out of the station as I’ve never had that much faith in the ability of superglue to stick skin to a train carriage, I’m fairly certain that before the end of the platform he would have released his hand.

Angry passengers who were caught up in the disruption begged the trio to move from the Docklands Light Railway train which one would have thought would have been the sort of transport these people would have encouraged but after 77 minutes of disruption and 15 DLR trains delayed or cancelled, the court heard they still refused to move.

The prosecution’s case was that the defendants went beyond what is permitted or allowable in society in their protest when they deliberately acted unlawfully at a busy time of time of day with a demonstration aimed at attracting attention to the climate change crisis.

Sadly this bunch of idiots were cleared, this despite Reverend Parfitt having been previously found guilty by a district judge at City of London Magistrates’ Court in February 2020 of refusing to obey a police banning order preventing protesters from demonstrating at Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge in London in April 2019.

Clearly there is something wrong with our justice system when yet again another bunch of people acting illegally are presumably let off because a jury is too feckless to find them guilty, I’m sorely tempted to have a crack at bank robbery, assuming I was caught I would maintain my innocence in that I was doing it to fund Extinction Rebellion and with a modern jury would be walking free as a bird.

Modern life, the world has gone mad!

Father Martin Newell and Reverend Sue Parfitt, 79, outside Inner London Crown Court
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Novak Djokovic has been deported from Australia as Judges have rejected a challenge by the unvaccinated tennis star after the government cancelled his visa on health and good order grounds.

I would have thought it might have been better had he been deported for lying about his Covid status when seen out allegedly after having caught Covid, for lying about his travel destinations prior to flying to Australia and generally being an arrogant so and so.

No matter why, he has been deported for not complying with regulations for entry to the country, a lesson he might learn with regard to the forthcoming American tennis tournaments where non-US citizens must be fully vaccinated to travel to the country, with only limited exceptions.

Bravo to the Australians for sticking to their principals.

Novak Djokovic: Tennis star deported after losing Australia visa battle -  BBC News

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Jeremy Clarkson has been refused permission for his scheme to build a hilltop restaurant on his Oxfordshire Diddly Squat farm and was somewhat upset by the councils actions calling one of the planning officials a comedian.

Fellow farmers, other food producers and local residents, were greatly supportive arguing that the case showed a distinct lack of imagination between planners and the needs of modern farmers to find new ways of making a living.

Jeremy argued that his restaurant, which he wanted to open in a converted lambing shed, was the sort of diversification project farmers needed to undertake to survive and his scheme would create jobs for up to 25 people and give local farmers and other food producers a more lucrative market for their goods.

One of only two committee members, Merilyn Davies, a district councillor who supported the restaurant plan added, “I never thought I’d agree with Jeremy Clarkson, he rubs some people up the wrong way but I think his idea of local farmers working as a cooperative to supply the restaurant was interesting.”

This is yet another example of the sort of mess people get into when organizing anything which involves the local council, for never forget, a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy Clarkson's farm shop closes for two months | Metro  News

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Alex Hawke, Australia’s immigration minister has cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa yet again and released a statement saying it was in the public interest and said, today I exercised my power under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa held by Mr Novak Djokovic on health and good order grounds

We wait with bated breath to see him finally thrown out of the country, I would have thought lying on more than two occasions about catching Covid, lying about his travel destinations on his visa application and generally being a bit of an arrogant fellow would have been more than enough grounds, let’s hope so.

Novak Djokovic: Transcript of Australia Border Force interview shows tennis  star's shock at visa cancellation | World News | Sky News

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A man has climbed a ladder to reach the Prospero and Ariel statue which was carved by Eric Gill and has adorned the front of the BBC broadcasting building since 1933.

Whilst the statue is rather splendid it seems the sculptor was a bit of a cad to say the least as he is recorded as having sexually abused his daughters for several years leading to a campaign to have the statue removed.

This statue has done no harm to anybody since 1933 and I would suggest it would be a good idea to leave it there, for whilst the sculptor may have been fairly beastly, the statue was not.

As for how to deal with this fellow who has committed criminal damage it would seem there is no option but to let the law take its course, however after the debacle of the Colston four who were acquitted after clearly taking part in a crime of criminal damage I fear perusing this fellow through the courts may be a waste of taxpayers money.

It seems the Colston four were set free as the jury thought their actions were justified regardless of the fact that they had clearly broken the law and as one of the accused compared their actions to those of the Suffragettes claiming their actions had changed things for the better.

Now while I cannot disagree that the actions of the Suffragettes did change history, I would also point out that to do so they had to face the long arm of the law and endure fairly lengthy prison sentences, unlike these modern people who seem to think it is perfectly fine to smash things to pieces and commit criminal damage without punishment at all.

I do believe that anyone who commits criminal damage should be punished it is the law of the land and as they say if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Legislation Crest
Criminal Damage Act 1971

Destroying or damaging property.

(1)A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offence.

(2)A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property, whether belonging to himself or another—

(a)intending to destroy or damage any property or being reckless as to whether any property would be destroyed or damaged; and

(b)intending by the destruction or damage to endanger the life of another or being reckless as to whether the life of another would be thereby endangered;

shall be guilty of an offence.

(3)An offence committed under this section by destroying or damaging property by fire shall be charged as arson.

A man attacks the Prospero and Ariel statue outside Broadcasting House

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I came across this topic on Facebook and responded with the following and then thought in my vanity that my reply was better than a quick response on social media so have upgraded it to my blog.

They didn’t do it while I was at school but this may be because it was an all boys school, however I have managed to perfect some signature dishes since leaving school. One of my favourites is oeuf scramble, another is fromage sur toast and also haricot sur toast, these dishes stood me in good stead during my years as a single man supplemented by numerous trips to my local Indian which was luckily within walking distance of my house.

I never learned how to make lager but as luck would have it the restaurant had copious amounts on tap.

So I say bravo to home economics and the ability to sew on a button.

Parents say home economics should be taught in schools again to teach folks basic life skills
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Enid Blyton’s book the Magic Faraway Tree has been rewritten by Jacqueline Wilson to airbrush alleged sexist elements and to make it supposedly fit for the 21st century but I’m forced to wonder, why on earth would you do a thing like that?

The book will still see Milo, Mia and Birdy head to the enchanted wood and meet Moon-Face, Silky the Fairy and the Saucepan Man although apparently it was previously updated in the 1990s to change the children’s names from Dick and Fanny to Rick and Frannie.

Now I rather doubt that Enid Blyton had thought of the innuendo of using Dick and Fanny as character names and I suspect they were used in complete innocence, indeed it wasn’t until years later that Johnny, the husband of the Famous TV chef Fanny Cradock uttered the immortal line, “may all your doughnuts turn out like fanny’s.”

Apparently in the new book comments from the magical creatures mentioning girls helping with domestic chores will see them educated on gender equality, along with new passages to stamp out children adventuring on their own without supervision and the writer has reportedly tried to make the parents similar to today’s, where they are anxious about what their youngsters are doing.

Has the world gone mad, if you wish to write a new book full of politically correct nonsense, then by all means do so but don’t change a perfectly decent and popular children’s classic, never forget the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing!”

Don't cancel Enid Blyton | Opinion | Premier Christianity

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It seems the Novak Djokovic has won his appeal against his visa cancellation, Judge Anthony Kelly quashed the visa cancellation and ordered the Australian Government to pay legal costs and release the Serbian from detention within half an hour.

However, the Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke is still considering whether to exercise a personal power of cancellation of Djokovic’s visa in a process that could drag on for a number of days.

The Djokovic family ended the press conference by refusing to answer questions about his reported positive test on December 16, and pictures of him attending public events in the days that followed.

This is not over by any means and without putting too fine a point on it, it all seems too fishy for my liking on far too many points, he either had Covid and should not have been attending public events, or he is a downright liar, or he has no concept of the rules about self isolating when having caught Covid.

I have to admit I am not completely au fait with the rules as I have made no attempt to leave the country myself since Covid first started but I was under the impression that you needed to have been vaccinated to be able to get on a plane and travel, I certainly wouldn’t feel happy travelling in a plane full of unvaccinated people.

Assuming this to be the case I wonder how he will get home.

Novak Djokovic wins appeal against deportation and will play in Australian  Open - Mirror Online

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What a very sad story this is, an innocent black man goes out for a jog and is chased by three white men in their pickup trucks, cornered and shot to death, now why on earth would you do a thing like that, just what on earth was going through their minds at the time.

I know this fearful event took place in Georgia which is in the south of the Americas and with what little knowledge I have of American geography I imagine this is the sort of area where the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan would have had their stronghold and perhaps still do.

It seems that Ahmaund was initially chased by Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael, and were then joined in the chase by their neighbour William “Roddie” Bryan Jr who filmed the events on his phone and in a bizarre twist they were only arrested three months later when footage was uploaded to social media.

Arbery’s family said the former high school football star and keen runner was out for a jog that day, to which the judge added, as we understand it, he left his home going for a run and ended up running for his life.

Judge Walmsley said footage of Travis McMichael lifting the shotgun to fire at Ahmaud Arbery showed a truly disturbing scene of a man who was hunted down and shot, adding that the father Gregory McMichael said if I could have got a shot at the guy I would have shot him.

Travis McMichael, 35, was sentenced to life plus 20 years without the possibility of parole on nine charges including malice murder after he shot Arbery twice at close range with a shotgun.

Gregory McMichael was handed life plus 20 years without the possibility of parole on eight charges including felony murder.

Bryan, 52, was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after being found guilty on six charges including felony murder after jurors heard how he spotted his neighbours chasing Arbery and jumped in his own truck to join in.

The only saving grace in this story is that these evil men who shot an killed an innocent black man and then turned their backs and walked away will now be spending the rest of their lives in prison where every waking hour they will be scared to death to turn their backs for fear that someone will take the law in their hands an exact revenge on them for the crime they committed.

Ahmaud Arbery's killers get life sentences; no possibility of parole for  Travis and Gregory McMichael

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