Apparently, when Prince Charles arrived for the State opening of Parliament in a classic Rolls-Royce lip readers have said he made the comment to Camilla, “oh my word, that was uncomfortable,” although I have no idea if he was referring to the ride in the old car or the regalia associated with his uniform as Admiral of the Fleet.

I have no idea of the Royal protocol as to which vehicle he must travel in but I am certain he would have been more comfortable in the rather more modern Bentley used by Prince William for his arrival, I’m sure members of the Bentley Drivers Club must have some thoughts on the matter.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg piles four kids into vintage T series Bentley with wife in the back, so the headline in some of today’s papers says, apparently, he was spotted on his way home from a visit to Hengrove Cineworld in Bristol.

Mr Rees-Mogg, a lover of Bentley motorcars also having a 1936 Derby Bentley was seem placing his wife and children into his 1968 T series Bentley before driving home.

I have no idea whether he has broken any laws with regard to seatbelts or overloading but all I can say is if you have to get “nicked” there is no better car than a Bentley to be caught in.

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It seems the Just stop oil protesters have been arrested at both Clacket Lane and Cobham services on the M25 for criminally damaging the petrol pumps with hammers, having been seen clearly on television damaging the pumps I imagine there will be no question of them not being found guilty and receiving a criminal record.

Whilst on the subject of criminal damage I have heard nothing of David Chich the man who was arrested for criminal damage after damaging the statue on the BBC headquarters, it seems such a shame that people who do criminal damage seem to be getting away with nowadays.

I feel rather sorry for a chap I knew in the 60’s who in a moment of recklessness threw a stone at a derelict cricket pavilion, breaking a window and resulting in his incarceration in a young offenders institute which I seem to remember was called Borstal, somewhat different from nowadays where people are clearly seen and filmed doing criminal damage and yet never suffer the consequences of their actions, how very strange.

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Every year we have Drive it day which is where everyone with a classic car is supposed to take them out to show what a wonderful collection of classic cars are around in this country, I had a nice run out on Sunday in my 1947 Bentley Mk VI, this photo was at Ridgewell Airfield Commemorative Museum where I had the good fortune to buy a WW2 stirrup pump in the jumble. In case you’re wondering, it’s a useful prop for a Forties night Noggin and natter I have in mind for a later date.

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Watching TV or browsing the internet and checking emails is to become legal while driving self driving cars under new proposals to the Highway Code!!!

Apparently, this will only apply when drivers are keeping a speed of up to 37 mph and are in a single lane and they must be ready to take control when prompted.

How on earth anyone will be ready to take control when having just looked up from watching a film to immediately assess the accident situation they are just about to take part in, I have absolutely no idea, whoever thought this was a good idea should have their head examined.

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We have just had a massive hike in the price of gas which we are told is due to the tremendous increase in demand for gas after Covid.

Assuming this to be the case, I’m wondering why it wasn’t dirt cheap during Covid when allegedly demand must have been extremely low.

I’m feeling wool being pulled over my eyes!

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It seems rather sadly that Bruce Willis has had to retire as he has been diagnosed with Aphasia which apparently is a mental condition which affects the ability to remember words and to speak, both fairly important attributes when trying to earn a living as an actor.

I do wish him well in his retirement although rather amazingly during his career he has made 144 films so one hopes he has amassed sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement, sadly I have to admit I have not contributed to this fund as I haven’t seen a single film he has been in.

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Mr Putin has recently said that Russia will dial back operations near Kyiv, however rumours that his health may be deteriorating have been confirmed by a recent photograph which has emerged of the Russian leader.

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There has been some fuss concerning Prince Andrew escorting the Queen to Prince Philip’s memorial service and I am wondering why, for without a doubt it was the Queen who chose him for this role and Price Andrew has not been found guilty of any offence nor has he admitted to any offence and he has continually denied any of the allegations concerning the matter.

I’m not one for using language that one might find coming from the mouths of the younger people of today but on this occasion I will make an exception, stop making a fuss about nothing, “get over yourselves.”

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I know many of you are watching the racing and in the immortal words of Eric Morecambe, I ask you; The 2022 F1 season, “What do you think of it so far?” I have to say it certainly isn’t rubbish, the cat was amongst the pigeons last week and now this week in Bahrain, we start with Hamilton’s very poor qualifying not even getting past the first round and finally ending up in 15th place on the grid.

Next came Mick Schumacher and his massive crash in qualifying, luckily resulting in no damage for the driver, although the same couldn’t be said of the car.

Finally, Perez grabbing pole position at the last minute and sharing the front row with Le clerc, followed by Sainz in third and Verstappen in fourth, also wonderful to see both the Alpines in fifth and and seventh respectively. Bearing in mind how poorly the Mercedes is doing I think Russell did well to grab sixth and splendid to see Bottas in a strong eight in his Alfa Romeo.

What a great race and I believe credit is due to Ross Brawn who devised the new regulations which enable the cars to follow so closely and overtake, as proved by the two Alpines of Alonso and Ocon who spent many laps changing places.

Well, as they say it all kicked off later when Lafitte hit the wall bringing out the safety car, Perez losing the lead and the retirement of Alonso, Ricardo and Bottas one after the other.

Hamilton was unable to get into the pits to change tyres as the pit lane was closed and when he finally got in after the pit lane opened again he was in 12th place, followed by Albon hitting the wall causing a yellow flag.

Quite strange to see two cars virtually standing on the brakes before the DRS line and using it as a tactical ploy, resulting in a race to the flag between Leclerc and Verstappen changing places all the way.

For those of us who support the plucky Brits, not our best result with Russell 5th and Hamilton 10th but there is a long way to the end of the season and I have to say I’m quite looking forward to it, what do you think?

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