I have written before when this first happened and was sceptical about the full facts of the matter not being available so I am posting it again with an update now the trial is over.

Having looked at the road it is clear that it is a fairly straight road in both directions from the entrance of the base and a 40 mph speed limit in place which one would have thought was more than ample distance to avoid an accident with a car emerging from the base and only travelling for a matter of 350 meters.

There are two sides to this story and I know I’m living dangerously to suggest it but Sacoolas had only travelled 350 meters and therefore one can only assume that she wasn’t travelling at a great speed especially as she seems to have had her children in the car with her and her lack of practice when driving on what to her was the wrong side of the road.

Is it right therefore to assume that although Sacoolas caused the accident Harry Dunn must have been the one going too fast to avoid the accident, for surely if they were both travelling at the 40mph speed limit with the amount of visibility and distance available it seems logical he would have been able to avoid the Sacoolas vehicle.

It seems from what I read that Harry Dunn first hit the bonnet then went over the car smashing the rear window on the way which suggests the impact speed must have been considerable and I realise that even if both Dunn and Sacoolas had been doing the 40 mph speed limit the impact speed would have been 80mph. However, had they both been doing 40 mph with the distance and visibility available one would have thought Dunn would have been able to stop or at least avoid the collision.

I think this may be why Sacoolas was given what may appear to be a comparatively light sentence as the Judge had apportioned some of the blame to Harry Dunn, perhaps for excess speed. You will only know the true facts of this case if you get to see the Police accident report.

However you look at this it is still a tragic story and I send my condolences to Harry Dunn’s family and am sorry for their loss.

Harry Dunn/Anne Sacoolas accident.

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I have thought of writing about this subject for some time but once again the subject matter may be somewhat controversial which has delayed putting pen to paper.

At first glance this unfortunate death may seem to be the fault of an American woman driver unused to driving in this country, who in a moments loss of concentration accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road.

That much is I think beyond doubt but as with all stories there is always more than one perspective and this has made me want to examine the evidence a little closer.

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I find it strange that there has been a suggestion that the Police are now going to give driving lessons to the Americans on the base at RAF Croughton for surely if you don’t think yourself competent enough to drive on the wrong side of the road you could use public transport or a taxi, or get a lift with a colleague.

As someone who has personally been driving across Europe for over 50 years I wouldn’t expect to embark from the ferry or the tunnel and be greeted by someone giving driving lessons on how to drive on the other side of the road.

In all the news items it is reported that Harry Dunn died when the car of Anne Sacoolas collided with him but sadly without a court case to examine the evidence we are left to speculate as to what really happened.

I have to admit that I am not personally familiar with the road where the accident took place so can only try to piece together the story from evidence from news items and research on google maps as to what the road looks like.

It has been said that the accident took place near the entrance to RAF Croughton which has a 40 mph speed limit and a clear field of vision in both directions for some considerable distance.

Looking at the map of the road it would appear that the road is relatively straight in both directions from the entrance of the RAF base, in fact for 1/2 mile and 1.1/2 miles respectively, although there may be some blind brows along the road which would obviously require caution when approaching if this is the case.

I have no idea what speed either Harry Dunn or Anne Sacoolas had attained prior to their collision but as a generalisation people who drive Volvo motorcars buy them mainly for the safety aspects of the vehicle and tend to drive fairly cautiously, conversely young men on powerful Kawasaki motorcycles may have a tendency to ride somewhat faster, this of course is pure speculation.

As an experienced driver of some 50 years I have to suggest that there has to be an element of excessive speed  which contributed to Harry’s death for if the accident happened outside the RAF base and they were both doing the 40 mph speed limit one would have thought they could have both slowed sufficiently to avoid a collision completely or at the least to be able to have avoided a fatality altogether.

If however the accident happened further down the road where the speed limit allows much higher speeds I still find it hard to see how a fatal collision was possible as the road appears to have good visibility through the bends and assuming some of the brows may be blind surely caution and a lowering of the speed would be in order.

If we assume excessive speed caused the crash we have to ask ourselves, were they both travelling too fast or was only one of the parties going too fast, had one of them managed to stop before the impact and in that case, who crashed into who?

The only conclusion I can come to without a shadow of a doubt is that excessive speed was a major contributory factor in this unfortunate accident and having presented the evidence as best I can I leave you to make up your mind as to what really happened.

I must say I am not keen on the actions of the “family spokesperson” Radd Seiger who seems to be acting more like an ambulance chasing lawyer, not something we are used to in this country; however he does have a point.

The only way we will get to the truth of this matter is for Anne Socoolas to come back and face the music and I would encourage her to do so.

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The following is a copy of a conversation I started with Ashish Morris on the chat line with YODEL recently, as you can see we are getting a little fed up with the YODEL drivers constantly throwing packages over our gate and running away when we have a perfectly good intercom system and will be only too happy to open the gate and let them in to deliver their parcel as all the other delivery drivers do.

Your drivers are constantly throwing parcels through our gate and leaving them in the rain, we have an intercom on the gate and all they have to do is press it and we open the gates. I would very much appreciate it if you could inform your drivers not to throw packages over the gate and then run away. My address is Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, XXXX XXX.

We have complained before but I thought it worth one more try, however upon reading my comment Ashish Morris, the YODEL employee terminated the conversation which just about sums up the service one receives from the delivery service YODEL.

I have therefore devised a new advertising phrase for them which seems most appropriate.


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Rather belatedly I am posting my photo from the wonderful Riviera Swing forties weekend, unfortunately my wife Angella is somewhat reluctant to appear in photographs so you will have to make do with just me.

I cannot tell you how much fun this weekend is, forties music, dance classes by the wonderful Mark and Hoc, different bands every night, sing alongs, film shows, vintage clothes shops and wonderful like minded friends.

It all started some time ago when I saw an image on Facebook of all the chaps on the stairs in their top hats etc and thought, this looks absolutely barmy it must be tremendous fun I must come to this and how right I was. I think this is now our third year and it still is brilliant fun with such wonderful people and we are now looking forward to next year.

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The Diary of a Country Bumpkin

I have just found a link which also tells the fascinating story of The Battle of Barking Creek, the first casualty of World War Two in a friendly fire incident.

My play is based on the facts of the Courts Martial which took place at Bentley Priory .

The following is a short film showing the story of the incident.

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Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt are considering massive spending cuts and tax rises as they confront a gaping financial black hole ahead of the autumn budget, what are we to do?

Apparently, treasury sources declined to put a figure on the savings being considered in the November budget but they were believed to be looking for financial headroom of up to £10 billion.

Well, I don’t want to be too controversial here but I think looking down the back of the sofa is not going to cut the mustard in these circumstances, however there is a way to make a step in the right direction although I’m sure the idea will not be embraced by the more ‘woke’ members of our society.

Here’s a clue as to possible savings we might consider, apparently it costs 5.6 million pounds a day to house the considerable number of migrants coming over from France every day and without wishing to be beastly to them a considerable number of them are not actually fleeing war torn countries, Albania for example which, as far as I know is not at war with anyone.

I may be wrong but I understand we put these people up in hotels, and presumably pay for their food as well as their accommodation which at 5.6 million pounds a day is an eye watering amount of money (over 2 billion a year) and whilst they are obviously not being housed in the Ritz the accommodation is considerably better than a piece of plastic hung from a tree which is pretty much the norm whilst they are waiting in the woods at Calais before boarding an inflatable and heading for the shores of Great Britain.

There are solutions, depending on how desperate you might consider the situation is and the first of which is obviously the more desperate of all, in that most of the boats coming over probably don’t have the petrol to get them all the way which leaves the possibility of leaving them halfway and not sending the lifeboat out to collect them as we do now.

Secondly, we could house them in a tented community more like they seem to do when people are genuinely fleeing from a war torn country with food supplied by the Red Cross or some other charitable organisation.

Lastly and the more humane option which may actually be a workable solution is to continue as we are doing but to tot up the bill at the hotel and present it to each person when checking out as a Government loan rather along the lines of student tuition fees to be paid back when they have secured employment and are earning sufficient funds.

Perhaps, you may consider all of my suggestions to be a little too harsh but as we are currently in a very precarious position financially, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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I’m led to believe that following on from her rather disastrous reign as Prime Minister, Liz Truss has joined the ranks of the after dinner speakers.

I understand she has secured her first speaking engagement at Dagenham Conservative Club with a fee of £27.50 and the addition of a free fish supper.

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I have to say I know very little of the history of the diamond or any of the artefacts we currently own nor on what grounds the previous owners are asking for them back.

However, some of their requests are not really cricket, an example being the Elgin Marbles which I believe the Greeks have been suggesting a return for some time now.

I would be strongly against the return of the Marbles, after all I would wager they don’t even know how to play the game.

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Most motorists held up by the Dartford Crossing bridge protesters have said it was not right to shoot fireworks at the protesters on the bridge, although there was some debate as to whether a bazooka or a ground to air missile would have been the best way to get them down.

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Here is a photograph of Morgan Trowland, one of the Just Stop Oil protesters who has been dangling from the QEII bridge at Dartford crossing for the last two days causing the stoppage of the traffic and is now officially one of the most hated people in the country.

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