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I have just found a link which also tells the fascinating story of The Battle of Barking Creek, the first casualty of World War Two in a friendly fire incident.

My play is based on the facts of the Courts Martial which took place at Bentley Priory .

The following is a short film showing the story of the incident.

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Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt are considering massive spending cuts and tax rises as they confront a gaping financial black hole ahead of the autumn budget, what are we to do?

Apparently, treasury sources declined to put a figure on the savings being considered in the November budget but they were believed to be looking for financial headroom of up to £10 billion.

Well, I don’t want to be too controversial here but I think looking down the back of the sofa is not going to cut the mustard in these circumstances, however there is a way to make a step in the right direction although I’m sure the idea will not be embraced by the more ‘woke’ members of our society.

Here’s a clue as to possible savings we might consider, apparently it costs 5.6 million pounds a day to house the considerable number of migrants coming over from France every day and without wishing to be beastly to them a considerable number of them are not actually fleeing war torn countries, Albania for example which, as far as I know is not at war with anyone.

I may be wrong but I understand we put these people up in hotels, and presumably pay for their food as well as their accommodation which at 5.6 million pounds a day is an eye watering amount of money (over 2 billion a year) and whilst they are obviously not being housed in the Ritz the accommodation is considerably better than a piece of plastic hung from a tree which is pretty much the norm whilst they are waiting in the woods at Calais before boarding an inflatable and heading for the shores of Great Britain.

There are solutions, depending on how desperate you might consider the situation is and the first of which is obviously the more desperate of all, in that most of the boats coming over probably don’t have the petrol to get them all the way which leaves the possibility of leaving them halfway and not sending the lifeboat out to collect them as we do now.

Secondly, we could house them in a tented community more like they seem to do when people are genuinely fleeing from a war torn country with food supplied by the Red Cross or some other charitable organisation.

Lastly and the more humane option which may actually be a workable solution is to continue as we are doing but to tot up the bill at the hotel and present it to each person when checking out as a Government loan rather along the lines of student tuition fees to be paid back when they have secured employment and are earning sufficient funds.

Perhaps, you may consider all of my suggestions to be a little too harsh but as we are currently in a very precarious position financially, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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I’m led to believe that following on from her rather disastrous reign as Prime Minister, Liz Truss has joined the ranks of the after dinner speakers.

I understand she has secured her first speaking engagement at Dagenham Conservative Club with a fee of £27.50 and the addition of a free fish supper.

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I have to say I know very little of the history of the diamond or any of the artefacts we currently own nor on what grounds the previous owners are asking for them back.

However, some of their requests are not really cricket, an example being the Elgin Marbles which I believe the Greeks have been suggesting a return for some time now.

I would be strongly against the return of the Marbles, after all I would wager they don’t even know how to play the game.

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Most motorists held up by the Dartford Crossing bridge protesters have said it was not right to shoot fireworks at the protesters on the bridge, although there was some debate as to whether a bazooka or a ground to air missile would have been the best way to get them down.

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Here is a photograph of Morgan Trowland, one of the Just Stop Oil protesters who has been dangling from the QEII bridge at Dartford crossing for the last two days causing the stoppage of the traffic and is now officially one of the most hated people in the country.

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I am limited as to what I can write here concerning the actions of the Just Stop Oil protesters as I do not wish to be banned from the interweb for using bad language but all I can say is I feel so sorry for this he/she man’s parents, they must be so proud of her.

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Like so many things I see in modern life, this is yet another of those stories that leaves me somewhat lost for words, perhaps I’m getting a little too old fashioned and not in tune with modern thinking.

The story concerns Marius Ciolac who was Romanian but was living in this country and it seems was running amok in a Derby Police station car park armed with a knife when Police tried to subdue him using a Taser, a baton round and a stun grenade, however it seems none of these had the desired effect.

A very sad story but one with a twist, apparently his sister who is eight months pregnant and is unable to travel to the UK said, ‘ Marius was clearly in the wrong, he was not innocent,’ adding ‘we heard that he had a knife on him. But why kill him?’

Whilst his family admit that this young man was not innocent and was obviously completely out of control endangering the lives of those around him whilst wielding a knife and after the Police failed to subdue him with enough force to take down a rampaging rhinoceros they sadly had to resort to a more drastic solution.

His sister also said, ‘my mum cannot really talk about it, she is very upset. We know there will be a large sum of money involved.’

Assuming this statement to be correct, I find this to be a very strange reflection on modern life that the family would expect to be paid a large sum of money for the actions of their son when it was his actions which ultimately led to his death, I’m not sure what more the Police could have done when faced these circumstances.

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I have been quite busy at the moment, so forgive me for just using an article from another site which I just copied but I thought it was quite interesting to say the least.

The price of charging an electric car using a public rapid charger is now more expensive than filling up with diesel according to data gathered by Parkers. The soaring price of wholesale gas and electricity has forced up the cost of charging a typical electric car, with £10 of charge taking you less far than the same amount of diesel.

This rise in EV charging begins to bite just as petrol and diesel prices are finally beginning to fall. Despite the spiralling costs of public charging, the long-term consideration of an electric car is still very much on many drivers’ minds.

The RAC says that the average price per kilowatt hour (kWh) of a UK rapid charger is 63.29p, but it can cost a lot more. Osprey announced in August 2022 prices on its rapid chargers to £1 per kilowatt hour. Tesla charges an average of 77p/kWh for non-Tesla drivers (according to Zap-Map), and the second largest rapid network, Gridserve, charges 66p/kWh.

Refilling petrol vs public charging prices

The gap between petrol, diesel and electric is closing. Using Parkers’ own Miles Per Pound data gathered from official WLTP testing we can directly compare how much it costs to fuel your car – by saying how far your money will take you when using public chargers at the RAC’s average cost. Putting £10 in your tank is now working out cheaper than £10’s worth of plugging in at a typical fast or rapid charger.

  • Audi Q5 (2.0 TFSI petrol) vs E-Tron
    Petrol takes you 46 miles for £10, whereas electric on a public charger takes you 35 miles
  • BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (420d) vs i4
    Diesel takes you 73 miles for £10, whereas electric on a public charger takes you 44 miles
  • Citroen C4 (110hp diesel) vs e-C4
    Diesel takes you 84 miles for £10, whereas electric on a public charger takes you 59 miles
  • Mercedes-Benz GLA (2.0 petrol) vs EQA
    Petrol takes you 43 miles for £10, whereas electric on a public charger takes you 52 miles
  • Peugeot 208 (110hp diesel) vs e-208
    Diesel takes you 89 miles for £10, whereas electric on a public charger takes you 56 miles
  • Vauxhall Mokka (110hp diesel) vs Vauxhall Mokka-e
    Diesel takes you 80 miles for £10, whereas electric on a public charger takes you 50 miles

Lord only knows how much it will cost to run one of these ludicrous machines when the Government put the 40% tax on the electricity as they will surely do if they loose it from all the petrol and diesel fuel.

‘ Were you miss sold an electric car?’ Sign up here to get your compensation!

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