This is a very easy one, if you leave your place of employment you forego any perks of the job and have to give back the company car etc and Archie’s father has chosen to leave the well known firm called the Royal Family.

If you are not ordained as a Vicar you do not have the right to use the title of Vicar, or if you are not in the Police force and chose to impersonate the Chief Constable you can be arrested, God forbid that someone who is not a qualified brain surgeon should be allowed to poke around willy-nilly in some poor unsuspecting soul’s head, you cannot have the title if you are not qualified for the job.

Unfortunately Archie’s father has chosen to leave the Royal Family and distance himself and his family from them and to live in America allegedly because of the pressure of being a member of the Royal Family and the detrimental effect it has had on his mental health.

It seems to me that you can’t have it both ways, you are either in or out, if you want your son to have the title of Prince then you have to return to Great Britain and take up where you left off as a working Royal.

Harry has chosen to leave the job, so with that decision he now has to give up the company car and any perks of the job which he or members of his family may have been entitled to like any other employee, he has made his bed, now he has to lay in it.

Prince Harry Proud Dad Moment Talking About Archie |
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Very briefly the UK last year gave 14.5 billion away in foreign aid and I believe this year they are giving 71 million to China and 100 million to India.

That’s 71 million to China, a country with an economy 5 times that of the UK and its own space programme to send men to their own space station.

Also 100 million to India who also has its own space programme to send a rocket to Venus.

I don’t think the UK has its own space programme but I’m just wondering if we saved the 171 million we gave to China and India it would be a start towards having one, or we could use that money to help the poor and needy in this country, just a thought.

Chinese rocket
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There has been a bit of fuss recently about footballers moving the products of sponsors out of frame when they are giving interviews.

As my knowledge of football is virtually non existent you may not be too surprised to find this is going to be one of my shorter posts.

I have just started and am now on the point of summing up, so here we go!

If I’m not much mistaken footballers are paid vast sums of money which enables them to buy very classy motorcars and have them made to their specification and generally blinged up to the point where they have removed any aspect of class from the vehicle and this for kicking a ball around a football pitch.

Now the money to pay these young men has to come from somewhere and one of these places is from sponsors who place their logo on the players shirts etc and place products in front of the players when giving interviews.

For some reason some of these players have taken offence at certain of these products and removed them from the view of the cameras although Lord only knows why and it seems this may not have been the brightest thing to do.

I believe millions was lost from the share price of one of the fizzy drink companies after one of the players removed it from sight, which proves the players may have great skills in placing the football in the right place in front of the goal but lack the necessary intelligence to appreciate the placing of the sponsors product is what pays their wages.

Euro 2020: Footballers told to stop moving sponsors' drinks at news  conferences | World News | Sky News

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A recent survey which asked people to listen to over one hundred different accents reading from the same script has found that Essex and London accents are deemed less intelligent.

The study surveyed attitudes among young adults aged 18 to 32 towards accents across the south east of England where about 200 listeners from a variety of backgrounds were played 10-second clips of speakers reading the same script from across the region, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, various parts of London and, of course, Essex.

People from Essex and London were judged to be less intelligent than people from other areas together with people who are working class from across all of south east England, who were judged to be less intelligent, friendly and trustworthy than middle class people, while people from an ethnic minority were judged less intelligent than white people based only on their accent.

I have to wonder how the participants could tell the difference between a working class and a middle class accent when they were not familiar with the sound of that Counties accent, is it just a case of dropping H’s etc, can you just tell from just listening?

This seems a very strange survey to me and I’m wondering what constituted an Essex accent or a London accent, for whilst there is a clearly defined Essex Cockney style accent, it is completely different from an Essex rural accent and there is no such thing as a London accent as London is so multicultural and the traditional London accent of the real Cockney’s has all but disappeared.

It seems to me that the most prevalent accent in London now is what is called the Multicultural London accent, where the voice is projected from the front of the mouth and emphasises any word ending in “ility” and is a dreadful sound.

I used to have a wonderful public school accent which I toned down when I moved to Essex and everyone said, “you ain’t harf posh,” leaving me now with a strange middle class accent with an Essex twang, if only I hadn’t been swayed by peer pressure.

Assuming the London accent they are referring to is the London Multicultural accent which has become quite prevalent on television for voice overs and advertisements perhaps we will be hearing less of this accent in the future if the advertisers think it sounds less intelligent and I for one will be delighted about that.


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How very sad and probably true that the comedy series Ab Fab would probably not get commissioned today as the current woke culture would forbid it says the star and writer of the show, Jennifer Saunders.

It seems a shame that a small percentage of the population are now dictating what can and can’t be seen on television, we live in an age when one complaint can take a programme off air even though millions who watched the same show chose not to complain.

Apparently the German episode of Fawly Towers was stopped from transmission, not one might think because of Basils constant mentions of the war and goose-stepping round the room but because the character of the Major uses language which can be termed racist when describing a visit to a cricket test match between India and Great Britain.

In his anecdote, the Major tells Basil Fawlty that he went to the test with a woman who “kept referring to the Indians as niggers. ‘No, no, no,’ I said, ‘the niggers are the West Indians. These people are wogs.'”

The problem here is when John Cleese and Connie Booth wrote the character of Major Gowen, they were clearly not being unthinkingly racist, they were satirising an English upper-class bigot. The joke depends on the audience first thinking that, when the Major rebukes his companion “No, no, no”, he is condemning her for inflammatory language, when it turns out that he is just as bad as she is.

It works as a joke because it shows the Major up as a behind the times racist and the Major is the butt of the joke but it can’t be shown as it is considered politically incorrect today, even though the joke is actually pointing out you can’t use language like that nowadays which is a very woke point of view, which is the strange irony of the situation.

Perhaps the only way to tell this joke nowadays is a scene where two writers are trying to write the same joke taking the mickey out of the racist Major but are unable to find the politically correct words to fill the gaps.

I can see why Jennifer Saunders says Ab Fab would not have been commissioned and I have sympathy for any comedian looking for subjects for his or her next comedy routine as the choice of subjects is getting limited all the time.

Luckily we have very talented new comics like Mickey Flanagan who can produce hilarious politically correct jokes about peeping out from behind closed curtains and are you going out, or are you going out out!

Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders says show would never be made  today because of woke cancel culture

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When we first heard of Shamima it was the story of a 15 year old school girl going missing and then as the story unfolded it became the story of a very foolish girl and her two friends going to join ISIS to become a Jihadi bride.

During her time away she had three children all of whom have died, she married a Jihadi fighter and became involved in some pretty beastly goings on out in Syria, I seem to remember her talking of watching the beheadings and seeing the heads fall into a bucket.

Finally she turned up some years later and lacking her two friends who had been killed and asking to be able to return to the UK and my initial reaction was to say firmly, no for you have made your bed and now you have to lay in it.

However, some time has now passed and I am changing my mind, as I now believe she was groomed before she went and once there I imagine it was very hard to turn back.

What will happen if she is not allowed back, will she become radicalised again and the next time she turns up on British soil she is wearing a suicide vest, or if she is brought home to stand trial and is sent to prison will the same thing happen, viewed like that it’s a bit of a catch 22 situation.

So we either believe her and she is genuinely remorseful and take pity on a someone who as a young naïve school girl was groomed or an even more strange angle that she is extremely clever and is trying to pull the wool over our eyes and is just pretending to have regrets about her actions.

My initial reaction was to say, let her rot in hell but I have changed my mind and I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt, bring her home and after she is tried in a court of law and if found guilty be given a fairly long prison sentence, obviously making sure she is kept well away from any chance of being radicalised when in prison.

Assuming she was a naïve schoolgirl who was groomed what a sad story this is.

Shamima Begum claims she was a 'dumb kid' when she joined ISIS as she begs  to return home - Daily Record

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An inquest has decided that the convicted terrorist Usman Khan was legally killed, now I don’t know about you but I’m wondering why they had to have an inquest at vast expense no doubt to find something I could have told you for nothing.

Khan had been released from prison 11 months before the killings and was said to have been mixing with high-profile terrorists when inside, however he was automatically released on licence with the Parole Board having no say as to whether he was safe to release.

After he was released he was assessed as being more dangerous than when he went in and he was seen as an imminent danger of him causing serious harm to the public.

Usman Khan went to a meeting at the Fishmongers Hall for a prisoner rehabilitation conference and whilst there taped two large knives to his hands and started to attack people at the meeting resulting in many injured and the death of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones.

He fled the building and was chased on to London Bridge by three brave men who were attempting to detain him until the Police arrived even though he was wearing a suicide vest which turned out later to be a fake.

When the first team of Police from City of London police arrived they tried to take control of Khan but he told one of them that he had a bomb which left the Police no option but to shoot him dead.

Now to sum up in layman’s terms, a terrorist nutter known to be dangerous tapes two large knives to his hands and runs amok in a meeting hall, injuring many and killing two innocent people, the Police arrive and see he is wearing a suicide vest and shoot him dead before he has time to detonate the bomb.

There are two things I find quite extraordinary about this story, firstly he was released from prison when it was known that he was more dangerous than when he went in and secondly why they needed to waste money having an inquiry into whether he was legally killed.

I have to say that I think shooting him to death before he blows everyone to pieces seems an eminently sensible course of action under the circumstances.

 Armed police surround the terror suspect on London Bridge

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This last week the G7 nations have been swanning about in a rather splendid luxury hotel in St Ives in Cornwall and what a lovely place to have a conference.

I believe climate change has been one of the topics discussed and unfortunately I was not asked to participate which is a great shame as I have just realised I have the solution to global warming.

As the owner of eight cars I consider myself to be extremely green as five of them are classic cars which do extremely low annual mileages and my every day cars are likewise, in fact one of them I took off the road during the recent pandemic as it wasn’t being used at all.

Some may ask why do I consider myself green when I have so many cars, well firstly the greatest amount of pollution from any car comes from its manufacture and very little is added during its lifetime, in fact the longer one keeps a car the greener it comes, which makes my 1947 Bentley the greenest car I own.

I imagine the majority of people have just the one car which means they are adding to pollution on a regular basis whereas when I am out in one of my cars I am helping to save the planet by having the other seven at home not polluting at all.

For all those who think electric cars are not polluting, as I said the most pollution comes in the manufacture of the car in the first place, added to which the Lithium for the batteries is a filthy pollutant and the energy needed to install the chargers and then supply electricity to charge the cars does not always come from green sources.

So, to sum up, there is nothing wrong with diesel or petrol cars or massive aeroplanes flying all over the world, the problem is the fact that the world has too many people, if we had a half or two thirds less people that would cut down the manufacture and use of vast numbers of cars and plane journeys, the only problem is how to rid the world of the people.

In the old days we could kill off millions of people just by having a World War but nowadays even with a long protracted war we still only end up with twenty or so fatalities, modern medical treatment saves thousands on the battlefield who once would have died, which means we need a pandemic like the flu outbreak after World War One which did away with some forty million people.

Even with the current world pandemic we shan’t do away with sufficient numbers of the population to make a significant difference, we are basically too clever for our own good, by saving all these people from war and disease we are condemning the rest of the world to a slow lingering death.

I have a solution which may seem a little severe but desperate times call for desperate measures, I’m calling for volunteers to make the ultimate sacrifice, starting with the old and infirm and working downwards until sufficient numbers have gone, I first thought of this solution to world pollution having read a book about the Nazis in World War Two.

Obviously we don’t want to go too far down the age range, I suggest we stop at all those over seventy one.

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There was an item on the television recently asking whether 16 year olds should have the vote, on the grounds that they can have sex, get married (with their parents permission) smoke and I believe they said drink too.

I have to admit the drinking one doesn’t sound quite right but as I’m so far past the age of being able to buy a drink in a pub, I’m almost coming round from the other end.

There was a suggestion that at 16 people were too immature to know what they were thinking with regard to voting and a young spokesperson was put forward to argue the case for the youth vote.

I believe the young lady put forward was called Katie Adsett who was arguing that at 16 she was more than mature enough to vote, however one doesn’t like to judge people on their appearance but we inevitably do and this young lady presented herself with a ring through her nose, a piercing through her eyebrow and one under her bottom lip and I believe she had her ear lobe stretched with a ring thingy.

Whether this look is the look of a immature young girl or that of a fully mature adult sufficiently old enough to get the vote, I will leave you to decide but I suspect in later years when she is older she may change her look.

I had thought she had done her case no favours when she argued that 16 year olds were old enough in law to have children, although whether one would be thought of as mature if you chose to have a child at 16 I couldn’t possibly say.

16 and 17 year-olds and the EU Referendum | WISERD

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A recent tweet by a young person proclaimed he had been somewhat taken by surprise when one of the questions on his recent job application form was, what did you do during lockdown to pursue any passion projects or personal development.

From the fact that he was taken by surprise by this question suggests that his time during lockdown was not spent all that constructively following his dream of a lifetime, which leaves him facing the fact that he may have tell a little porky pie in his attempt to attain gainful employment.

I went to Peru and discovered a lost tribe, or I walked the entire length of the foothills of the Himalayas and after that I was lucky enough to get a seat on the Elon Musk Starship SN15 and have been chosen for the first trip to Mars, or I rowed Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic on a sustainable bamboo raft.

Our inability to go anywhere during lockdown means none of these are going to wash, so something literally nearer to home will have to be invented, more along the lines of I learnt the Chinese language of Mandarin, or I wrote three spy novels which have proved so successful they are to be made into films when lockdown is over all from the safety of my bedroom.

Obviously those who have actually done something constructive during lock down will be first in the queue for jobs but sadly those whose idea of passion projects or personal development is, I slept most of the day, texted friends in the afternoon, then sent pictures of my genitalia to all the attractive girls at school and finally spent my time until the early hours of the morning gaming until I finally fell asleep may find them selves at the back of the queue, or lying on their CV.

A beginners guide to gaming
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