What’s new, Mr Trump made a speech yesterday to CPAC where he spouted the same old lies to the same deluded followers, “the election was stolen, it wasn’t me that started the riot, I’m the best President the USA has ever had,” blah, blah, blah.”

The record breaking Mr Trump has so far got the record for being the worst President America has ever had, the only President to have been impeached twice and the way he is going will probably get the Guinness World record for leading the largest lunatic cult ever recorded.

I’m led to believe Mr Trump is also currently sitting in third place for the world’s worst comb over hair cut which means if the two chaps in front of him should meet with an unfortunate accident, this is another record there for the taking.

Now that he’s fired up all his followers again it’s time for his new slogan; MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN, although I’m not sure if it’s an election slogan or a call to arms.

Here is another record opportunity for Mr Trump, I see him starring in a massively long epic film based on the American Civil War called Gone with the Wind with his final close up in front of a blazing battle scene of complete carnage where he utters the immortal line; “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Fun Facts From the Filming of Gone With the Wind | History Daily
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About a month ago I received a letter from the NHS which said they had sent me this letter as experts recommend that people in my age group should be the first to receive the free NHS coronavirus vaccine, this is because evidence shows that risk of serious illness due to coronavirus increases with age.

It continued that I have a choice of places to be vaccinated, by my GP services who will contact me directly, if they haven’t already, or at a vaccination centre and the letter would show me how to book an appointment should I choose the latter option.

Should I prefer to be vaccinated through my local GP services I should ignore the letter and all I would need to do is to wait for my GP services to contact me which, if they haven’t already, will be soon.

As time passed and it was getting on for a month since the arrival of the letter, I decided to look on line to look at the option of going to the vaccination centre which it said was 13 miles away, however in the small print it said, as the crow flies.

Having checked Google maps it turns out the vaccination centre is actually 23 miles away and was at a large venue which I was reluctant to visit, even though I have had Covid-19 and I assume I may have some antibodies to protect me I understand that you can still catch it again so decided to once again wait for my local doctors’ surgery.

I met a friend of mine in our local post office this week who said she had her vaccine some time ago, although she has underlying heath issues which may have bumped her up the queue and another friend of mine who is younger than I am who lives in the next County has also had his and it was at the local hospital in a small out building with virtually no waiting time and sounded very civilised.

Now I don’t want to sound like a whinging old man, but I am and knowing of people who live in London in their twenties who have also had their vaccine I am getting a little fed up with what feels like people jumping the queue.

At the moment I am a mere 69 years old and will not be 70 until April when I sincerely hope I will finally be old enough to get my vaccine, we live in hopes! 

I am not criticising The Government in any way for I feel they have done a splendid job under the circumstances and I find it quite annoying when someone from the opposition turns up and says, “what you should have done is…..” any bloody idiot can say what to do after the event.

I’m sure in the near future I will get my vaccine, they say patients is a virtue.

Highways Magazine - New signs point the way to vaccine roll-out
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I happen to have caught the James Corden interview with Prince Harry on The Late Late Show which I must say I have never seen before and having seen the show I now know why I have not bothered to watch it before.

James Corden is I believe the talk of the town and has been very successful with this show which is extremely popular with the Americans and is paid a vast salary for his performance; all I can say is I can’t for the life of me understand why, his interview technique is abysmal and as for the chat with Harry I found it grossly embarrassing.

Starting with them boarding an open topped double decker bus for a ride around Los Angeles which caused Harry to comment that he had never been on an open topped bus before and he thought it a good idea, which made me wonder if he had thought it such a good idea before one wonders why he hadn’t hired one and gone for a ride round London with his friends when he lived here.

During the course of the interview they pretended to have tea and cakes and Harry declared that The Queen had bought a waffle machine for Archie’s birthday and they all now had waffles regularly for breakfast made by his wife Megan who knocks up an organic batter, adding as an afterthought that they were topped with some healthy fruit and Archie’s first word was crocodile.

James Corden feigned laughter and said he couldn’t imagine The Queen purchasing a waffle maker and having it sent to Los Angeles; well James let me assist you.

Imagine if you will The Queen having just finished a zoom conversation with her Grandson Harry where the waffle maker was requested, The Queen now rings a bell to summon a flunkey who then enters the room, not too hard a stretch of the imagination so far, I think.

The Queen then turns to the flunkey and says, “would you be so kind as to purchase one of those waffle making thingamabobs and have it sent to Harry over in Los Angeles,” after which the flunkey replies in the positive and The Queen gets on with more important matters of state, or listens to Woman’s Hour on the wireless.

The rest of the interview was just as inane as the one which followed with a well-known actress whose name escapes me, as the interview was that boring and which must have left professional chat show hosts wondering what all the fuss over Corden is all about.

Obviously, something seems to have got lost in the translation if this is what the American audience think is top notch television and if this is the best Harry can come up with, I would imagine Netflix or whoever else he has lucrative TV deals with will soon be asking for their money back.

I’m sorry but if this is Harry’s idea of service then all I can say is he wasn’t paying attention when he used to have a proper job as a working member of the British Royal Family, I dread the thought of this getting any worse where we find him appearing in tacky commercials for second hand car lots on Sunset Strip.

Debrett’s the British professional coaching company, publisher and authority on etiquette and behaviour which was founded in 1769 has published many books to assist with the correct behaviour for any given situation one might find oneself in and it seems to me only a matter of time before they come out with a book for Harry perhaps entitled; How to leave the Royal Family and continue life with class, dignity and style.

Are James Corden and Prince Harry friends?

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Today was the funeral of Sir Tom Moore, 100 year old charity fundraiser, ex Army Captain, motorcycle racer and all round good egg.

He was conscripted in World War Two into the 8th Battalion, the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment and served in the Burma Campaign where he survived dengue fever and was sent home where he took a training course in Churchill tanks and became an instructor and Technical Adjutant of the Armoured Vehicle Fighting School.

Demobilised in 1946 and rather interestingly he organised the 8th Battalion’s annual reunion of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment for the following 64 years, which was the longest continual annual reunion of the Regiment.

Sir Tom raced a Scott motorcycle competitively and won several trophies, I imagine without injury, however much later in life he broke his hip which was the start of his charity walk as he had to use a walking frame to aid his recovery.

Initially the aim was 100 laps of his garden and a target of £1000 but after an appearance on Michael Ball’s radio show the publicity grew as did the contributions which finally reached a massive 32 million pounds.

He recorded the number one single You’ll Never Walk Alone with Michael Ball, which made him the oldest person to have a number one hit and was honoured by a fly past of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight on his 100th birthday and was knighted personally by The Queen in July 2020.

What a splendid fellow he was, sadly missed. Rest in peace, Captain Sir Tom.

Britain says farewell to pandemic hero Captain Sir Tom Moore with guard of  honour, WWII plane flyover - ABC News

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This week America reached a milestone when it recorded 500,000 dead from Covid-19, more it is said than the sum total of American dead during World War One, World War Two and the Vietnam War put together.

It is indeed tragic that anyone should have died from Covid-19, although expressed as a percentage of population it is fairly similar to the figures from Great Britain although ours are considerably less as we have a much smaller population.

I believe there is a perception that the British people are always “going on about the war” and to some extent it is true, take for example our recent victory in the battle to leave the EU and the jubilation when Brexit was finally declared, causing bunting to be hung up with street parties and celebrations continuing late into the night.

This has brought me back to more facts about “the wars” and don’t blame me, for it wasn’t me that first brought up the comparison between the numbers of war dead and those from Covid-19.

Whilst 500,000 is a substantial number of dead from three wars certainly by modern terms, I have to say it pales into insignificance compared to the British dead of 1,270,000 and we didn’t even take part in the Vietnam War, a fact I have to admit I am jolly glad about as I would have been just the right age to go had we had conscription.

Like many people in Great Britain my Grandfather took part in World War One, my Father took part in World War Two and should there have been a war in which we were involved I would have looked like a bit of a cad had I not offered myself for the slaughter.

One doesn’t want to keep rubbing salt into the wound but as I said earlier I didn’t start it, so here are a few more facts which justify the British obsession with “the war.”

WW1 Started; July 1914. America entered the war: April 1917. WW2 Ended; Nov 1918.

WW2 Started; Sept 1939. America entered the war; Dec 1941. WW2 Ended; Sept 1945.

Now I can see a pattern emerging here which would explain why during World War Two there was a certain resentment of the American GI’s with their flashy uniforms, candy, stockings, chewing gum and money from some of our troops who as can be seen from the chart above had been hard at it for some considerable time, which caused the saying; “over sexed, over paid and over here.”

As grateful as we were for America’s belated entry into the war, we were also delighted with the might of American industry for the tanks, guns, ships and other paraphernalia required to fight a war which they supplied, although I imagine Americans have never come across the expression, “mates rates” as it took us until December 2006 before we finally managed to make the final payment for the purchase of these items.

I am hoping that this post will educate my readers from foreign climes and hopefully go some way to explain why the British, “keep going on about the war!”

Wanted: war stories from heroes of WWII - The Jewish Chronicle

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I was somewhat surprised at the number of books Mr Trump has written or had written for him, especially as I seem to recollect that during his time as President he used to sign everything with a large crayon, a legacy perhaps from school when some children were given a crayon for fear they may poke themselves in the eye should they be given a sharp pencil.

It was quite interesting to see the titles and imagine what may be available in the books; take for example HOW TO GET RICH which may have the advice, inherit vast wealth from your father.


Or THINK BIG AND KICK ASS, MAKE IT HAPPEN IN BUSINESS AND LIFE. Advice perhaps as to how to become The President of the United States of America by bullying others out of the way.

SURVIVING AT THE TOP, Quite clearly the book for any President who wishes to remain in office, one perhaps Mr Trump omitted to read himself.

Trump: Surviving at the Top - Wikipedia

Should one have made a complete pigs ear of being President and having lost the election the thought suddenly dawns that inciting a riot may change one’s fortunes, I suggest; TIME TO GET TOUGH.

When even incitement to riot changes nothing, never say die for we have THE ART OF THE COMEBACK, there’s bound to be something useful in a book like that.

Lastly I found, THE WAY TO THE TOP which I feel may also have useful information for those who find themselves on the way down, for they do say, “be nice to those you meet on the way up, for you may meet them again when you are on the way down.”

What a man of foresight Mr Trump has been, for he has written all these books without ever knowing that sometime in the future they may be the font of all knowledge for so many situations in which he finds himself.

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I see there is a bit of a hoo-ha concerning Mr Trumps Tax Returns as it seems he will have to declare them to all and sundry and by all accounts it is about time.

There will obviously be much more to add to this story as and when the full story is revealed but one wonders if it will expose Mr Trump as a completely incompetent business man who has not made a profit for some years, or a devious criminal who has been defrauding The Revenue for many a year or a combination of the two.

It is a fascinating story especially when compared to the last ruthless mobster with a similar story who the FBI had been after for some considerable time with no success, even with the full force of Elliot Ness and the untouchables chasing after him.

Al Capone led his illegal bootlegging, gambling and prostitution empire with impunity from the law but it was the US Treasury Department that brought about his downfall, could we find ourselves with a case of history repeating itself when Mr Trumps Tax Returns are finally revealed.

As they used to say on the wireless in the old days, “tune in next week for the next exciting instalment!”

Al Capone | American Experience | Official Site | PBS
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Rather sadly Harry and Megan have confirmed their decision to permanently step down as working royals which means they have been stripped of their patronages which they are entitled to whilst being full time members of the Royal Family.

As a former Army officer Harry was eager to hold onto his formal links with the Armed Forces but as they have chosen to no longer remain in “The Firm” he will lose his roles as Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Force Commandant of the Royal Air Force Base Honington, and Honorary Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Naval Commands’ Small Ships and Diving.

Also lost are his patronage of the Rugby Football League, and his role as president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT), while Meghan is no longer the trust’s vice-president and has lost her patronages of the prestigious Royal National Theatre and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Since Harry and Meghan quit as senior working royals in March 2020 and chose to earn their own money in the US, they have signed deals with Spotify and Netflix, estimated to be worth more than £100 million although Lord knows what they can possibly offer for that sort of money, I fear it may result in some sort of cheap freak show.

It all started so well and I had high hopes they would make a success of their relationship and the introduction of the first mixed race person to join the Royal Family but sadly it was not to be.

They should have been perfect at the job, he was born into the job and knew exactly what was required from the role, while she became his partner and during the blossoming of their relationship as an actor she was effectively taking part in an extended audition, she must have realised what the part entailed, how hard can it be to play a pampered Princess?

Too hard it seems, for it certainly feels as if it was she who instigated their move to the US and their final permanent departure from The Royal Family, whilst able to pull off her part in the TV drama “Suits” it seems her part as Princess in “The Firm” was too much for her.

Never the less I wish them well and hope they have a long and happy time living abroad in the Americas.

Image result for harry and meghan

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I have of late been taking more interest in American Politics since Mr Trump lost the election and his incitement to riot speech and all the other rather bizarre events of recent times.

Yesterday I saw that President Biden was going to Milwaukee to take part in a CNN “town hall” which seems to be an American way of saying he is going to be interviewed by a CNN reporter in a theatre, the interviewer was to be Anderson Cooper.

Now, I’m a lover of trivia and having looked up Anderson Cooper I can reveal that his father was Wyatt Emory Cooper who was an author, screenwriter and actor, his mother however was none other than Gloria Vanderbilt who amongst many things was a artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress and socialite, although I imagine my American readers may be aware of these facts already.

During the course of the interview which he seemed to have made a decent fist of with answers for all the questions asked, except the one about about the former President, to which his answer was, “I am tired of talking about Donald Trump,” which seems quite the right answer to me.

I was watching the news in the UK as President Biden was leaving for the event so I was delighted to see him out and about the next day and in good health, my concern for his well-being was sparked by my recollection of the last time an American President visited a theatre on 14th April 1865 which ended in tears.

On this occasion the dastardly John Wilkes Booth crept into the box where Abraham Lincoln was watching a farce called Our American Cousin which was written by English dramatist Tom Taylor, which caused the President much amusement, that is up to the point where Booth took out his derringer pistol and shot the poor President in the back of the head.

The President died the next day and a Nation mourned, an event I was very glad to see that wasn’t repeated with the current President, not the least of which because it would have caused the regurgitation of the joke which asks the wife of the deceased President; “beside that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?”

Image result for abraham lincoln assassination

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I occasionally receive friend requests from young ladies on Facebook, most of whom might best be described as not perhaps the most demure of the female species but none the less I’m sure they must have a warm heart as they seem to be reaching out to befriend what they must assume is a lonely old man who would be only too delighted to make contact with them.

According to her profile this latest request comes from a young lady who lives in London in the Untied Kingdom and is from Windsor Colorado, which I believe is in the Americas, sadly I have very few other details of what I assume must be a hectic and fulfilling life as she seems too busy to find time to elaborate on her Facebook page which merely shows the one photo which I have attached below.

I was wondering on what basis we would form this friendship, as she appears to be a visitor to our shores would I perhaps help her with the subtle nuances expressed by other young people in this country who choose to speak with a London Multicultural Accent, which has the rather peculiar way of pronouncing any word ending in ‘ility.’

When I was at school I learnt a smattering of French but in my day we never had a class where they taught us how to understand American, so I imagine there would be some difficulty with verbal communication.

She has however made the effort to send the friend request, so I imagine she must think there is something to be gained from our mutual friendship, although I’m struggling to see what it may be.

I see from her photo that she is squatting in front of a garage door, although she looks as if she has been caught short and is about to relieve herself, I have to admit though I have no idea why she is making the strange hand gestures which I believe are the American version of our V sign.

Looking at the photo I was wondering that perhaps after she has relieved herself she might open the garage door to reveal some wonderful classic cars, a subject dear to my heart about which we might have a long and meaningful discussion but who knows?

Having reviewed all the evidence I am afraid that I am going to have to refuse this young ladies request for friendship as I can see no evidence for a long lasting relationship between the two of us and I do hope she will not be too disappointed.

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