Mr Trump finally says he will wear a face mask, he said he has found one that makes him look like the Lone Ranger.

I have two questions concerning this, firstly if he wears a mask that will in any way attempt to block Covid 19, how will he see where he’s going and secondly will he plump for the full blown outfit like most children do and have two holsters and two guns.

Lone Ranger | fictional character | Britannica

Mr Trump, the gift that keeps on giving, you couldn’t make this stuff up, which leaves me with very little to add, except.


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My wife has a fitbit, I believe this is her second, although I know of people who have had quite a few, some through fashion and some due to malfunction, this being the case with my wife, although to be fair she has had it for five years.

As a collector of classic cars, my current oldest is 70 years old and still in perfect working order, I’m thinking a product made with modern production methods and precision engineering ought to last longer than five years, especially as the latest top of the range costs £199.00.

Fitbit Versa 2 Review - Why it's Worth £199

My wife though was adamant, she must have a replacement fitbit, for how else will she be able to tell how much exercise she has had in the day or how well she has slept at night?

I had a suggestion for her which may help to save the cost of a new fitbit and one which I use myself; when you go to bed at night if you are feeling exhausted, then it is safe to assume you have been very busy and taken a lot of exercise in some form or other, conversely when you waken in the morning if you are also feeling exceedingly tired, it is fairly safe to assume you haven’t had a good nights sleep, it’s not rocket science!

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I was watching a news item this morning concerning the effects of Covid 19 on the poor and underprivileged which I thought rather stated the bleeding obvious, that poor and underprivileged people were suffering more in the current situation.

Without putting too fine a point on it, I would have thought it safe to say that the poor and underprivileged suffer more whatever the situation, however I believe the news went on to suggest the poor would be suffering in the current heat wave we are experiencing in the UK today, when they are queuing outside the shops; I have a feeling I may have conflated the news and the weather forecast but I couldn’t be certain.

Whilst I am not poor, I am certainly not rich, but to my great joy I do have sufficient funds to be the proud owner of two Sola Topee, or Pith Helmets as they are more commonly known.

I have a British Army Foreign Service Tropical Pith Helmet the type worn in the 19th century.

British Army Foreign Service Tropical Pith Helmet in Khaki: Amazon ...

I also have an Indian style Sola Topee also know as a Bombay Bowler, both of which are very stylish and most suitable for the current weather conditions, which leads me back to the original point of this post; for whilst I am lucky enough to have the choice of two Pith Helmets, the poor and underprivileged will have to resort to the old tried and tested knotted handkerchief on the head should they wish to protect themselves from the harsh rays of the Sun.

Indian Pith Helmet - Khaki from Village Hats.
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I was sent this advertisement by a friend, I thought it was fabulous and well worth sharing.

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I saw this story on social media but have seen no mention of it on UK news but I believe it to be true, in this day and age, who knows what is true and what is not?

It appears that “individuals on foot” started shooting in southwest Minneapolis on 21st June 12.37am American time, which to me in the UK is yesterday.

I imagine this must have been a random attack as there are reports of twelve people with gunshot wounds one of which has died, the Police believe there was more than one shooter.

The incident took place near Landmark’s Uptown Theatre where there are several bars and restaurants, although one report said, there were lots of shots and it sounded like groups of people shooting at each other.

Minneapolis' Uptown Theatre celebrates 100th birthday

The report was a little vague as to exactly where this neighbourhood is but as someone who lives in the UK, I imagine this is not the part of town that has been damaged and looted.

There were no specific details of the ethnicity of those shooting or of those who were shot and there was no mention as to whether it might have been gang or drug related, so I’m none the wiser as to the cause of this shooting.

I have no more information that I can add to this, except to perhaps add the comment; Isn’t it nice to be getting back to normal.

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Not long after I posted my previous “getting back to normal” post we have tragically had yet another example of what is considered to be normal life in this modern age.

It is alleged that a Libyan refugee killed three people in a Park in Reading and injured three others in what has been described as a terrorist related knife rampage.

Khairi Saadallah allegedly approached a group of middle aged men who were sitting drinking in the Forbury Gardens Park before going on to another group of people and attacking them too.

The Police and Air Ambulance were on the scene at the park and Police have declared the knife rampage that killed three as a terror incident.

Three feared dead in 'terror incident' as cops arrest man ...

In the meantime Mr Trump has had an election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is spouting his usual nonsense!

So nice to be getting back to normal!!

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So nice to see things getting back to normal as the Covid 19 situation seems to be getting a little better, enabling more of us to get out and attempt to get back to normal life.

I noticed from watching the television news last night that normal life was beginning to be reflected in the news broadcast which contained the following stories.

A Policeman has been shot in Ireland, it is believed the attacker took the gun from the officer.

The Police have threatened to arrest anyone going to an illegal rave organised for Manchester on Saturday evening.

Police have warned to avoid London on Sunday if you want to avoid being caught up in another Black lives matter demonstration.

Black Lives Matter protests: When are demonstrations happening ...

Last week there were three stabbings and one 18 year old woman raped, I think they said it was in London but it may have been Manchester, sadly these thing are so common place nowadays that you hardly notice when you hear it on the news.

A rather stranger story is that of the protest march organised by Extinction Rebellion who are marching the route of the new HS2 railway line as the route goes through three ancient woodlands. You just can’t win with these people, one minute they are complaining about pollution from motor cars and then when the Government spends billions to build a new railway line which is allegedly a greener way to travel, they are complaining about that. You just can’t please some people!

extinction-rebellion.1557015976.jpg |

As I said, how nice it is to be getting back to normal life, assuming of course that you consider these news worthy events to be normal.

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It seems the UK is to merge the DfID and the Foreign Office and will review our Foreign Aid budget which is set at 0.7% of GDP and this year was 15 Billion pounds.

One doesn’t want to appear too stingy but 15 Billion pounds to feed people in countries which have their own Space program does seem a tad generous and leaves one wondering where the money is going.

I have no idea what sort of food aid we are sending but I would have thought at these prices they must all be dining at the Ritz!

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Very sad news for people old enough to remember Mr Pastry, it appears he has changed his name to John Bolton and moved to America and has written his memoirs in a book entitled The room where it happened.

DOJ Files Lawsuit Against John Bolton Over Soon-To-Be-Published ...

Rather worryingly it seems Mr Trump is suing Mr Pastry to stop the publication of said memoir although what on earth the friendly children’s television entertainer has written that has upset Mr Trump, I have no idea!

British 1950s TV and Radio
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This is a request to all the young people who are out there pulling down all the statues of previous slave traders with such hatred for this awful practice.

I have to point out however, what I feel is somewhat ironic in their actions as I would imagine it is predominantly these same young people who are enabling the modern day slave trade to exist by purchasing cheap clothing made by workers on virtually poverty wages in countries like India.

Perhaps someone could point out the irony of the situation to them, for I feel they are very unlikely to see it for themselves.

Will the pandemic finally push Primark into ecommerce? - Retail ...

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