Apparently Prince Harry is suing the BBC after it was alleged that he didn’t ask permission from the Queen to name his latest child Lilibet which used to be Prince Philips pet name for the Queen.

How sad to see this fellow who has been in the Americas for such a comparatively short period of time and yet already he is getting the gist of the American way of life by becoming a litigious complainant, having an American child and will no doubt soon be speaking American too.

Sad, to think of what might have been had he and Meghan remained in Great Britain.

It is alleged the pair are trying their utmost to maintain good relationships with the Royal family, which leaves me to think, if this is their best thank God they are not trying to make a complete pigs ear of it.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's Son Archie Happy to Have Little Sister |

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Today’s, bonkers story of the day concerns the clock at All Saints Church in Kenton, Devon which has been silenced by one complaint from someone in the village, yes that’s right one person, you couldn’t make this sort of story up!

Following a complaint to Teignbridge District Council the church clock which uses the church bells when it chimes has been deemed a noise nuisance and could be served with a noise abatement notice.

The clock was put in the church in 1910 and there has never been a complaint in all the years it has been there, until I imagine some very strange person moved into the village and it is now threatened with being silenced even though all the rest of the residents are perfectly happy with the bells.

Which leaves me with nothing more to say, except to state the bleeding obvious, if you don’t like the sound of church bells, don’t move into a village with a clock which uses the church bells when it chimes.

That is the end of the bonkers story of the day!

All Saints Church in Kenton, Devon, has housed its clock since 1910. (SWNS)

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A driver was sacked after he was seen drinking in a social club having told his employer he was too ill to work.

Colin Kane, who is 66 and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was fired by Debmat Surfacing in Gateshead, after he was seen smoking outside a social club in March 2020.

Judge Andrea Pitt ruled that Mr Kane had been unfairly dismissed as he was found not to have broken the company’s rules and that the firm had not undertaken a fair disciplinary process.

Mr Kane was seen by Debmat Surfacing’s contracts manager Shaun Johnson outside a social club near his workplace on 9 March last year despite having told bosses he had been “bad in bed all day with his chest”.

He later denied being in the club on the day in question, although he admitted he was there the following day.

It was said that Mr Kane had been seen several times drinking and smoking at the club while he was off work and was told: “Surely if you had been unfit for work and on antibiotics, you shouldn’t be in the pub.”

However, Mr Kane told the company hearing that he had only been there for a short while, and he saw nothing wrong with it, although his employer took a different view and he was fired for a “breach of trust and dishonesty”.

It was put to the claimant he should not be in a public house because he was absent and unable to work through ill health, although the Judge said there was nothing in the disciplinary procedure prohibiting an employee from acting in this way.

She noted flaws in the firm’s investigations and said its disciplinary procedure fell below the standard of a reasonable employer and ruled that the claimant was unfairly dismissed.

Now, call me old fashioned but in my book any employee who blatantly lies to his boss that he is unfit to work and that he is on antibiotics due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and then goes to the pub and lies about that too and sees nothing wrong with his actions is exactly the sort of person who deserves his marching orders without a question of a doubt.

I know when I was working behaviour like this would have got you sacked at the drop of a hat, sadly I suppose it’s only a matter of time before he demands compensation for wrongful dismissal.

What a strange world we are now living in!

Gout and Alcohol Intake: Is There a Connection?

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Problems with discussions on the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol – which includes controversy over sausages were said to be “frank and honest” but had concluded with “no breakthroughs” according to Brexit minister Lord Frost.

Whilst there were no breakthroughs, Lord Frost said “there aren’t any breakdowns either” and that talks would continue, “the problem we’ve got is the protocol is being implemented in a way which is causing disruption in Northern Ireland.”

At least talks are ongoing as there had been some suggestion that gangs were being organised with a view to smuggling the sausages into Northern Ireland by professional drug mules although there was no mention as to where the sausages were to be secreted!

'No breakthroughs' on EU-UK talks over sausage ban

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Apparently students at Magdalen College have voted to remove a portrait of the Queen from their College Middle Common room, it seems they think the image represents colonialism.

The President of Magdalen College Dinah Rose said that the students were not representative of the college but supported their right to free speech and political debate.

It seems the photo was purchased in 2013 and one assumes has been in place since that date only recently has it been removed and will be safely stored.

Ms Rose continued, “Being a student is about more than studying. It’s about exploring and debating ideas. It’s sometimes about provoking the older generation.

“Looks like that isn’t so hard to do these days.”

It is always easy to provoke the older generation but these students should not forget that it is only a matter of time before they are the older generation for we all become our mothers or fathers eventually and then they will become the group who are clamouring for the reinstatement of the Queen’s photograph.

I have always thought that the modern idea of everyone going to University unlike the old days where only the top 2% of the most intelligent went would lead to a dumbing down of the system and sadly I think this story proves my case.

Queen becomes latest victim of cancel culture as portrait is removed from Oxford  college

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From a personal perspective I certainly hope lockdown ends on 21st June as I have tickets for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in early July, however the Government has the figures on the latest Covid numbers but it’s looking less optimistic than it was.

Not long ago vast numbers of football fans went to Portugal to watch a football match and I believe on the way out and on entry to Portugal they had to show a negative Covid test but from what I could see from news items of the fans behaviour, there wasn’t a great deal of social distancing from these predominantly fairly young and one must assume unvaccinated people.

I believe that on their return a similar test was required and should it prove positive they would have to isolate themselves for a period of time, a similar system was in place for travellers to India before that too became a red, no go destination.

Now it seems to me that as everything is now computerised, including one’s passport details, that the government must have a fairly good idea of who went where and who came back with Covid and I imagine there is a good chance they know who is not obeying the rules and self isolating.

Logic would seem to dictate that there was a rise in cases of Covid from people returning from India and Portugal as they are both now red no go countries.

So to sum up, if we don’t have an end to the lockdown on 21st June it will be because of the selfish people who went to India and Portugal and caught Covid and perhaps helped to spread it upon their return.

Now I’m not saying I’m a vindictive man but we know who you are and where you live, well the Government does and all it takes is one whistle blower to make public the list, on the other hand perhaps we will get our freedom and all you people on the list will breath a sigh of relief and be able to sleep soundly in your beds. Let’s hope so!

COVID-19: Crowds at Heathrow Airport spark social distancing concerns | UK  News | Sky News

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I wonder if there are awards for the worst customer service companies in Great Britain for if there are I would like to nominate Vodafone, yet again.

With all the woke people around one has to choose one’s words carefully nowadays for fear of offending “everyone” but having just spent the last four or more hours wasting my time with Vodafone I have to say, please get rid of your useless foreign call centres with people who don’t have a sufficiently decent grasp of the English language to solve the problem.

To cut a long story short and I fear I have to as I am in great need of a lay down in a darkened room to calm my frazzled nerves and all I wanted to do was cancel my broadband.

My first phone call with Vodafone went fairly smoothly if not dramatically quickly but at least the end result was that I had cancelled my broadband which meant they would cancel the phone line as well.

Having spoken to my wife we came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea if we could keep the phone line as it’s always useful to have two in case one goes down so I set about trying to find a supplier for just the phone line, not that easy as it turned out, which left me with the brainwave perhaps Vodafone would allow us to keep just the phone line.

I’m sorry if this is becoming a little tedious but I have to get this out of my system in an effort to reduce my blood pressure, where was I, ah yes another phone call to Vodafone sadly this time to a foreign call centre which after much toing and froing resulted in the young lady informing me that they were unable to supply the landline only whereupon I said thanks and left the conversation.

Some time later I came to the conclusion that BT were the only company willing to supply a landline only in my area and I was in the middle of filling in the relevant form when an email pinged up informing me that Vodafone were delighted I had changed my mind and were no longer leaving them.

Three or four attempts to phone Vodafone ended each time with the line just cutting off, so I resorted to email and after eventually completing the security checks I finally got to chat with another fellow in foreign climes who managed to get the gist of my complaint and that I wanted to confirm that I still wanted to cancel my broadband but he informed me that I could only do it on the phone.

Having spent a further 15 or 20 minutes trying to get through on the telephone but as each time it just cut off so I was unable to get through to sort the problem, I finally threw in the towel and in an effort to remain positive used my experience as a subject for this post.

My blood pressure is coming down slowly and as they say, “I’m feeling a little better now, thank you Doctor,” although rather worryingly these are said to be the last words of many a poor soul, hopefully I shall not myself be drawn towards the light as I have to go though all this again tomorrow.

Vodafone, nil points.

Vodafone pulls support for Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency - Neowin

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D DAY 6TH JUNE 1944.

I have just watched the opening of the British Memorial at Gold Beach, Ver-sur-Mer, Normandy, what a splendid ceremony, especially considering the restrictions because of Covid-19 and a marvellous tribute to all those who died.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

D-Day June 6, 1944 and The Aircraft Supporting of Operation Overlord

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I am a great believer in using old language with proper old expressions and was reminded of the fact when I asked my wife when going to bed what her plan of action for the following day might be and would it require us “getting up with the lark.”

The moment I said it my mind was set wondering as to where the expression had come from, logic dictating that the lark must be the first bird to awake in the morning, hence “up with the lark.”

It turns out that this is not correct and is in fact far more complicated for the Lark it seems is not the first bird to sing in the morning chorus with the first to sing being a Robin, then Blackbird, followed by the Thrushes who all apparently start singing at 4.30 in the morning.

These birds are then followed by woodpigeons, great tits, blue tits, sparrows and finches, the earlier birds are up to catch worms while the later birds wait for the morning to warm up as they wish to catch insects who are also late risers.

On the subject of birds eating habits we have “the early bird who catches the worm,” another old expression which I find odd in that it is viewed from the bird’s perspective and not from the worm who has also made the effort to get up early only to end up as a birds breakfast.

During my research for this post I was reminded of another expression which I use, “to get up at the crack of sparrows,” which by all accounts is from Australia, the full form of which is, “to get up at the crack of sparrows farts,” which relates to the sparrows habit of breaking wind when it wakes up, although who on earth first climbed a tree to discover this fact I have no idea.

I am not a great lover of early rising but at least my efforts to get up early are not as complicated as those of the bird community especially the sparrow, which has just reminded me of another expression, “I’ve heard ducks fart before,” an explanation of which I shall leave for another day.

Into the wild: A lark duet to remember | The Times

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Where on earth do I start with this story without appearing to be too controversial, I have no idea but I will present the facts and see where we go from there.

Six asylum seekers who were housed at the Napier Barracks in Kent have won a case in the High Court where Justice Linden found that the Home Office had acted unlawfully when deciding the former Army barracks was suitable accommodation for hundreds of asylum seekers.

It seems the men objected to the barracks style dormitory with 28 people per block and two toilets and showers shared between all of them and only being allowed out for two hours a day to go the beach, especially as some of the inmates had symptoms of Covid-19 although the dormitory had been previously thought to be adequate for members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

The Home Office defended the barracks as being safe, warm, secure and with three nutritious meals served a day and all paid for by the British taxpayer but the asylum seekers layers said the squalid barracks was a breach of their human rights and could amount to false imprisonment.

Following a five day hunger strike, one of the asylum seekers was relocated to a London hotel with others following soon after whilst their claims for asylum were being assessed.

Following the case Justice Linden said, “Whether on the basis of the issues of Covid or fire safety taken in isolation, or looking at the cumulative effect of the decision-making about, and the conditions in, the barracks, I do not accept that the accommodation there ensured a standard of living which was adequate for the health of the claimants.”

The Home Office and the six men must now agree on damages however lawyers acting on behalf of the men were unable to comment as to how much compensation they will be seeking but said they expect the amount to be modest.

Which leaves us where, is this a terrible case of injustice metered out to these poor asylum seekers who have walked from as far away as Syria and Iran, distances of somewhere around 3898 miles and a journey passing through Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and finally Great Britain.

There was also a suggestion that there should not be camps for asylum seekers and they should be accommodated in hotels, but with 4000 coming to this country so far this year this would incur considerable expense especially as they would all demand a room of their own.

Without wishing to appear too flippant, one assumes that having travelled such a distance through so many countries and choosing not to stop at any of them along the way, perhaps their expectations of what this country had to offer may have been a little high as there are plenty of people already living in this country who would be only too happy to have a roof over their head and three square meals provided free on a daily basis.

In an ideal world we would all be living at the Ritz but we don’t live in an ideal world.

The residents at Penally camp have pledged support to those affected by the Napier Barracks fire in Kent. Picture: Gareth Davies Photography

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