As someone who knows absolutely nothing about football I’m inclined to say there is no racism in football, after all every team has black players and one would assume that if the football teams and managers were racist there wouldn’t be so many black players in the game.

However, if the question, is there racism in football from the fans, then without a doubt the answer is a categorical yes.

Quite how the racist supporters can boo and make monkey noises when a black player of the opposing side gets the ball and I assume keep perfectly quiet or even cheer when the same situation is played out by a black player in the team they support I find hard to understand.

I don’t watch football but was listening as my wife watched the England Italy game for the Euro Cup thing and from her protestations it seemed the Italians were not exactly playing entirely fair and were fouling players left right and centre, although I have no idea if it was aimed specifically at black players

One thing I know for a fact is that there are a considerable number of racists who are football supporters as I know of groups of black people being turned upon in pubs, who after peacefully watching the game were set upon and made to leave the pub by other supporters and I have heard of black people being assaulted in the street after the match, although I don’t think it was reported in the news anywhere.

Frankly I’m very glad I don’t like football as the actions of some of the supporters is despicable and I get far more pleasure from supporting a sport where British people actually win on a regular basis, I am referring of course to Formula 1 motor racing.

In the same time as England has won the World Cup once, the World Motor Racing Championship has been won by a British man on 20 separate years and by 15 different drivers, the most recent being a black man called Lewis Hamilton who has won it 7 times.

Euro 2020 final: Petition for England vs Italy to be replayed signed by  thousands of fans | GiveMeSport
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EUROS 2020.

For those of you with young children who were disappointed with the result of the football last night may I suggest my children’s book NOBBY BRASSO FOOTBALL STAR which tells the story of a young boy and his rise to football stardom and playing in the Cup Final with a more positive result than last night.

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Boiling lobsters alive is to be banned under new Government legislation for animal welfare called the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, which is currently going through the House of Lords but only covers animals with a backbone at the moment.

However, it seems the Bill is to be amended by the House of Lords which would mean crabs, lobsters, octopuses, squid and other invertebrates are recognised as sentient beings capable of feeling pain.

The Bill would give lobsters legal protections and stop fishmongers and chefs boiling crustaceans alive, instead they would have be stunned or chilled before boiling which is believed to be a more humane way of cooking.

I am delighted to say I have never eaten lobster and as someone whose cooking skills are limited to cheese on toast or beans on toast, I have no idea how one would tackle cooking any invertebrates from the sea and having tried to eat squid once I have to wonder why you would want do such a thing.

Shrink-wrapping live shellfish or posting them is also likely to be banned under the amendment, put forward by Baroness Hayman of Ullock and I say bravo to her as I imagine they must suffocate which can’t be a pleasant way to go, gasping for air in a plastic bag although how one would humanely dispatch a whelk I have no idea.

I am eating less meat now than I did and can see the point for animal welfare as for example, I view the rabbits that stray into our garden not as a meat product but more as a decorative item, hence the expression, “ah, look at the pretty bunny wabbits.”

It has always seemed a little harsh to kill a lobster by plunging them into boiling water but I imagine if one were to warm the water up gently there would be a tendency for them to get out once it was past comfortable bath temperature.

As for the alternatives of stunning with some sort of electric prod or frozen to death with some sort of icy blast or the older version of plunging a large sharp knife through the top of their heads, none of which seems that humane to me.

I shall leave this to the experts and shall remain happy in the knowledge that I have inflicted no pain on any of these creatures as I’m not keen on eating them, especially the ones that taste like rubber or have the consistency of snot.

Fishermen fear Scottish lobster stocks 'could collapse' | HeraldScotland

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It seems that from September 2021, the GB plate that’s on the back of your car will no longer be valid, instead, you’ll need a UK plate and whose clever idea was this, I’m forced to ask.

The United Nations, said it had received a notification stating that the United Kingdom is changing the distinguishing sign which we have used for years on vehicles registered in the United Kingdom, from GB to UK.

Apparently GB refers to Great Britain, which includes England, Scotland and Wales, while UK refers to the United Kingdom, which is Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I had never thought that GB did not include Northern Ireland and having now left the EU I have been replacing all my car number plates that have the EU logo with GB and the Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack.

I do not want a UK plate as we are becoming less and less united with every passing day and changing a number plate from GB to UK is not going to stop the Scottish people from demanding independence.

I am more than happy with my new GREAT BRITAIN plates which I think represents the way I feel about the country, it is GREAT that’s why every migrant who walks all the way from the other side of the world doesn’t stop in all the countries they have passed through but continues until they manage to get into GREAT BRITAIN.

Curious Questions: How can you tell if the Union Jack is upside down? -  Country Life

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Is it sexist to say women should grow old gracefully, apparently Oscar winning actress Julianne Moore has called the phrase totally sexist and judgemental.

She says ageing can’t be stopped so why tell women how to do it?

Well, as a man I am very glad to have a woman assist with regard to this very thorny issue, never an easy one for a man especially when one finds oneself faced with awkward questions something along the lines of ‘don’t you think I look young for my age?’

I now know I don’t have to be anywhere near as tactful as I have been previously, where I might have answered something along the lines of ‘yes, of course you do and how gracefully you are achieving the continual bloom of youth’.

I can now respond, ‘no, you have let yourself go to wrack and ruin, you look dreadful’, and in the case of an American actress one might add, ‘it’s only a matter of time before you are playing toothless hags, like the wicked witch of the west’.

This sounds a little harsh to me I know but I wouldn’t want to appear sexist, myself I shall just continue to grow old disgracefully.

Why the Wicked Witch is the Best Villain of All Time | MovieBabble

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The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has just started a campaign to encourage people back to London and it is called Let’s do London which leaves me to wonder, why?

On the last three times I went, all relatively recently, firstly to purchase a new bed for my wife’s aesthetics clinic where I unfortunately strayed into a deserted bus lane whilst looking for the business in question and I received a hefty fine.

The next occasion I dropped our daughter to her boyfriend and made the mistake of using a back route I used to use when I worked in London, unfortunately I came across a bus only road but was committed to turning and had no opportunity to stop suddenly and try to reverse away so once again I received a hefty fine.

Lastly, when we were delivering an orange plant to our son I made the error of thinking that I wouldn’t be charged the Congestion Zone as it was a Bank Holiday, sadly I was wrong and I received a hefty fine.

Now we have the Congestion Charge Zone expanding and the chargeable hours increasing together with the introduction of the ULEZ Ultra Low Emission Zone charge I have to say as a motorist I am not feeling remotely welcomed in London.

The last time I went to London it was absolutely heaving with people quite a few of whom were only too happy to spill out onto the road as if they owned it which I thought a bit of a cheek as I’m fairly certain pedestrians don’t pay any tax to use the road, unlike us motorists.

So as far as I’m concerned Mr Sadiq Khan with regard to your Let’s do London campaign, I’m inclined to say, LET’S NOT, I shall take myself and my car to somewhere where I feel more welcomed and spend my money there.

Blue Light Card News

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Faster than a speeding bullet I give you tomorrows news today, although I’m guessing some of you may have anticipated the following news event too.

I’m led to believe there was a football match last night in which England won against someone else and bravo to them I say, however I am not at all pleased with the actions of the England fans after the match and I think the following video will sum up why I am not remotely impressed with the conduct of the fans.

As you can see there is not the slightest attempt for these mostly young unvaccinated people who are not wearing masks to social distance, so I gave you tomorrows news today.


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The new statue to Princess Diana was unveiled this week and I have to say what a pleasant change it is to see a new statue being erected, especially in these woke times in which we live where the norm nowadays it to knock statues down.

One wonders how long it will be before some bright spark comes up with a reason to knock this one down on the grounds of white privilege or finding some slight connection to the slave trade in her family when dinosaurs ruled the world.

I must say I thought it a little odd the grouping of three small children, two of whom had no shoes on and I wondered if this was the reason I was finding the statue looked somehow wrong and then it dawned on me the reason the statue doesn’t look right is because it doesn’t look like Princess Diana.

Perhaps I’m wrong and it’s my memory of how Princess Diana looked that is not right having faded over time, what do you think, I’m curious to hear your opinions.

An awkward, lifeless shrine – the Diana statue is a spiritless hunk of  nonsense | Art | The Guardian

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I believe it was this week that 20,000 Scottish football fans came down to London as there was a match where their team were playing, don’t ask me who they were playing for I have absolutely no idea.

Vast numbers of young unvaccinated Scotsmen gathered in the streets drinking and I imagine watching the match on television and the next day went back to Scotland.

Upon their return home there was a sudden increase in the number of recorded cases of Covid, 2000 of which were directly traceable to those who came down for the football, now how could this have happened when they were all socially distanced and wearing masks.

I could be wrong but I’m inclined to think the following photograph may go some way to explain things.

England and Scotland football fans descend on central London ahead of Euros  clash | Evening Standard
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The headlining on the hardtop on my MG TF came adrift which was doing nothing for my field of vision as it had fallen over my head, so I took the top off and attempted to stick the old one back, unfortunately this failed so I purchased some new headlining and started again, this time much more successfully.

Now all I had to do was put the soft top down, drag my wife from the house and put the hard top back on the car.

Back on and looking fairly presentable my field of vision greatly improved.

Flushed with pride at my achievement I gave the car a wash and took her for a drive.

A useful days work, you can’t beat the old wartime saying, “make do and mend!”

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