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I just received an email saying they are changing WordPress on 1st June and it seems already I am in trouble, I was hoping to just type as I always do but no, as usual with these new ideas they … Continue reading

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On the evening of 16th May 1943 at 21.39 the 617 Squadron of Lancaster bombers left Scampton to head for the Rhur Valley to destroy the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams.   The following day 17th May 1943 they returned, … Continue reading

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The drop off in attendances at A&E.

Apparently there has been a considerable drop off in attendances at A&E since the outbreak of Covid19 and the worry is that there are considerable numbers of people who are sitting at home desperately ill and too frightened to visit … Continue reading

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Scottish Power.

Is it me, or are Scottish Power the worst and most unorganised power company in Great Britain? Every time I get a bill from them it is wrong, so I then send them my own reading which comes up with … Continue reading

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I have only just caught the news for today but apparently it is International Nurses Day where we are celebrating nurses on this day 12th May 1820 the birth of Florence Nightingale and quite right that we celebrate all the … Continue reading

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Someone put this photo on Facebook and there was quite a difference of opinion as to whether this was a good way to travel, personally I thought it looked rather splendid. Much better than a long haul plane, when you … Continue reading

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The Irish Prime Minister.

I often do other things when I have the television on and have recently noticed the Irish Prime Minister appearing whenever I glance up and he always seems to be smiling. Unable to remember his name I Googled it, as … Continue reading

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