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Severe flooding in Great Britain.

How very sad to see great swathes of our beautiful countryside under water especially when it can’t be rocket science to solve the problem. I know I tend to look at things in a very simplified way but surely if … Continue reading

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Standards of dress for newsreaders.

I was watching the news last night which I think may have been on Sky when I was met with a female reader who appeared to be dressed in a pair of black stretchy jeans and a red casual top. … Continue reading

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The trial of Christine Keeler.

I have just watched the fabulous drama The trial of Christine Keeler on BBC 1 with Sophie Cookson as Christine Keeler and would recommend you to watch it if you can, it gives a fascinating insight into the morals and … Continue reading

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Why is the new HS2 rail link costing such a ludicrous amount of money and why isn’t it built yet? As with all the massive infrastructure projects the costs inevitably spiral due in no small part to the amount of … Continue reading

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WARNING. IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH PLEASE DO NOT GIVE CLOSE SCRUTINY TO THE FOLLOWING PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS POST. SORRY ABOUT THAT! It seems that there has been a tie up between the eating of bats in China and the latest … Continue reading

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Plastic pollution.

To all the people who are making such a fuss about climate change and plastic pollution by stopping the traffic and blocking the roads in London, please stop. Here is an image allegedly of the Vellar River at Thittakudi in … Continue reading

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BAFTA awards 2020.

There seems to have been a bit of a hoo-ha about the lack of films nominated which are by black people or by women and the suggestion that those selecting the nominations are somehow sexist or racist, I on the other … Continue reading

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