I think this will be quite a short post today as there is not much one can say on this subject after one has stated the bleeding obvious; this was not a protest this was anarchy.

When I was young there were CND Ban the Bomb protest marches where an orderly bunch of well meaning middle class liberals, some Church leaders and a smattering of University students dressed in duffle coats with scarves would walk slowly along a predetermined route holding placards, stop at Trafalgar Square and listen to a couple of speeches and then go quietly home.

Gone are the days of the gentlemanly protest march, now we have protesters shouting “kill the bill” which may refer to the recent Parliamentary bill to give the Police more powers to deal with the sort of rioting which happened in Bristol or may literally refer to a desire to kill the Police, I have a nasty feeling in the case of many of the protesters it is the latter.

As I said this post will be quite short, so to sum up; we have a violent riot taking place where the Police have been attacked and injured, their vehicles have been set on fire and Police Stations have come under attack and Parliament is about to debate a new bill to help curb this sort of anarchistic behaviour.

I could be wrong but I can’t see this being a very long debate, well it wouldn’t be if I were in the Chair.

Bristol rioters were 'serial demo attenders' from outside city intent on  violence, mayor says


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6 Responses to THE BRISTOL RIOTS.

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Short, sweet and well said – I totally agree, anarchy. It’s just mindless violence when you’re doing graffiti on police vehicles and trying to tip them over, when you’re pushing and shoving and injuring police officers. It’s like a bunch of yobs who’ve decided they’re bored and want to stir something up, totally devoid of any meaning as to what they’re supposedly campaigning for. And right in the middle of a pandemic, where they’re making a bad situation worse by doing this in such huge groups!

    Caz xx

  2. SueW says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that the police have evidence files as long as your arm about the leaders and stirrers of this riot and every other march/protest that takes place – professional activists who are there solely to incite violence, any cause will do.

    • It’s a strange modern way of Policing where they arrest very few people at the time of the incident and then trawl through all the video evidence and arrest people afterwards. I’m sure you’re dead right that they know who the activists are.

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