A group of men who dress in women’s clothing to raise money for a local hospice claim they have been told their fundraising is potentially offensive by charity bosses.

The men are members and supporters of Upton Rugby Club and have dressed in drag for charity fundraisers for 18 years having raised more than £40,000 for St Richard’s Hospice but the group claim they have been told their latest efforts cannot by promoted by the hospice because it might offend the LGBT community.

June Patel, St Richard’s chief executive, said they appreciated the group’s fundraising but were striving to be mindful of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Now from my recollection of gay friends I have known, certainly the men are only too happy to dress in drag at the drop of a hat and would socialise in gay bars dressed as such and having seen many a drag act perform before an audience of LGBQ people of both sex I have never seen anyone take offence at a man dressed in a frock!

It seems though that June Patel the Chief Executive of St Richard’s Hospice may well have shot herself in the foot as I believe the rugby players are now looking for another charity who will be only too happy to receive donations from a group of men in frocks and quite right too.

The group on Leo Sayer All Dayer outside the Upton shop where they buy their women's clothes


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  1. Dear Sir, I was totally outraged, recently, when I spotted my Aunt Maud dressed in what appeared to be trousers and a tweed jacket. I would welcome your advice on how I should deal with this egregious matter!

    • Dear Peter,
      I believe your Aunt Maud may be being led astray by her dubious close friendship with local district nurse Sister George who also dresses in a similar fashion. I have to say that your Aunts sudden desire to dress in such a fashion and the fact that she has never married has caused some tongues to wag in the village but I feel we can take some comfort for the Vicars sermon last Sunday. Whether the text which said, “let him that is without sin cast the first stone” was directed against those who gossip about your Aunt I couldn’t possibly say but one has to hope that in time the matter will blow over. Failing that perhaps one could purchase a London newspaper and point out to your Aunt the wonderful job opportunities and the rather more liberal attitudes of those who live there. I hope some of this may have been of help.
      I am sir, your obedient servant,
      Joe Wells Esq.

  2. SueW says:

    The world has gone mad! Sod the LGBQ people! How dare they claim the right to be offended by other men dressing as women? Dressing in drag is far more insulting to actual women.

    I’ve never liked to see men dressed as women. As a youngster I could not understand why Danny La Rue was making fun of women by over dressing as one. I still find it offensive.

    My son is gay, he is not the slightest bit camp, though he is a great impressionist.
    He has no time for the over acting of camp men and dislikes seeing men dressed in drag. He does not take part in Pride parades and does not regard himself as part of the LGBQ community, in fact he hates that he has been given the label of an LGBQ person.

    He describes himself as a man who just happens to have been born gay.

    • Sadly I don’t think it’s the LGBQ community that has complained, it’s the ‘woke’ Chief Executive of the Charity who is complaining on behalf of the LGBQ community!

      • SueW says:

        You’re right, Joe. I had completely forgotten about the ones who need to be politically correct and tick all the boxes.

        I think they’re beginning to do more harm than good. Thank you for putting me straight 😁 no pun intended!

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