Christmas 2019 with Sombreros!

Here are a few more images of our Christmas festivities, although not everyone is in shot as can be seen from the spare hats on the table, one daughter rushed off straight away to avoid being on camera whilst the other immediately volunteered to take the photo.


The other children and my wife seem to have attempted to hide their faces, I can assure you that although it looks as if they are trying to avoid identification none of them have anything to hide and are indeed as innocent as can possibly be.


As can be seen from the other images myself and the grandchildren are nowhere as reticent as the others to appear on camera.


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Christmas themed dinning room 2019.

For some strange reason the video content of this post has decided to appear sideways but I would encourage you to press the play button where it will, as if by magic assume its correct orientation. Should I manage to drag one of the younger family members away from the television I may attempt to correct the fault but in the mean time just press play. Happy Christmas to all my readers.

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Labour party review.

I see the Labour party have brought in Ed Miliband to form a committee to discover why they lost the General Election. No doubt this will cost a considerable  amount of money which seems a little silly when there are millions of people out there who could tell them for nothing.

Image result for jeremy corbyn"

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Riviera Swing take two!

I’m delighted to say my wife has had a sudden change of heart and has now decided to brave the elements of social networking by allowing me to upload a photo from our weekend away at Riviera Swing.


Once again, thank you to all who made this weekend such a fabulous time for both of us.


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Riviera Swing.

What an absolutely fabulous time my wife and I had at our first visit to Riviera Swing, a weekend jam packed with dance classes, sing alongs, film shows, vintage clothing, first class DJ’s and bands and especially wonderful like minded people who made us both feel so very welcome.

IMG_1176 (2)

Unfortunately my wife has become somewhat reticent about her image being displayed on my blog and elsewhere, which is rather a shame as I didn’t think we scrubbed up too badly in our outfits, especially for relative beginners.

I am therefore rather reluctantly left with no alternative but to post a photo of the view from our Torquay hotel bedroom window, although I was a little disappointed at the lack of passing Wildebeests, it didn’t spoil an otherwise brilliant weekend.


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Remembrance Day.

With Remembrance Day upon us I thought it might be appropriate to post details of one of my plays which was produced by The Wireless Theatre Company.

First World War Radio Drama

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Lewis Hamilton.

Just to point out to all the people who keep going on about football, cricket, rugby and all the other sports here is a statistic for you, British driver Lewis Hamilton has just won his 6th Formula 1 World Championship.

Image result for lewis hamilton

Well done Lewis.

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